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Guy Evans | March 25, 2024

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Follow this Sumo Logic pricing guide to learn about the platform and its features, the subscriptions available to customers, and other vendors offering similar solutions. At the end of the guide, we’ll give you an honest review of the Sumo Logic platform and its position within the market. Remember that regardless of the platform you want to procure, Vertice’s customer purchasing teams handle negotiations on your behalf, securing the best SaaS prices.

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What Sumo Logic can do for you

Your organization produces a lot of data: system performance, user activity, security and events, and business insights — these all combine to create a maze of data difficulties. Protecting this data and troubleshooting for errors without machine learning log analytics is a considerable challenge. 

Sumo Logic is a cloud-based data analytics platform that monitors security threats and compliance issues across your organization’s entire IT infrastructure. The platform collects, manages, and analyzes all of your log data to provide real-time insights across your critical applications. 

Using Sumo Logic, companies can perform comprehensive troubleshooting analysis of their data repositories. By surveying hundreds of thousands of logs across all your servers — both web or cloud-based — Sumo Logic identifies the root cause of any data issues in less than 15 minutes. 

The platform gives businesses the full picture across all of their apps, monitoring system performance and detecting security threats before they impact users. Sumo Logic’s continuous system monitoring also notices new trends in business activity, suggesting opportunities for business growth. 

Organizations deploying the Sumo Logic platform report a 90% reduction in investigation time, a 90% reduction in false positives, an 80% decrease in security risks, and a 60% reduction in costs.

Sumo logic pricing structures and tiers

Sumo Logic offers customers three different subscription models to suit different businesses. Those subscriptions offer combinations of the following four products at different capacities:

1. Troubleshooting and Monitoring

  • Quickly monitors and troubleshoots issues at scale.
  • Finds issues before they impact the health of your applications and systems.

2. Cloud Infrastructure Security

  • Consolidates and identifies risks and threats in your multi-cloud environments at speed.
  • Adds context from use-case-driven queries, dashboards and alerts to improve threat visibility.

3. Compliance and Audit

  • Proves your data is safe and compliant across all cloud and on-site systems.
  • Demonstrates security best practices and compliance readiness at cloud-native scale. 

4. Cloud SIEM

  • Security information and event management.
  • Accelerates incident investigations with enhanced visibility.
  • Automatically triages alerts and correlates threats through machine learning log analytics.

Sumo Logic offers a 30-day free trial of its premium subscription tier. Pricing is hidden, but take a look at the features of each tier below.

Sumo Logic pricing — Free

Designed for organizations with small data repositories, Sumo Logic’s Free tier offers continuous data analytics, log capacity of 1GB per day, 3,000 data points per minute (DPM) per day, tracing capacity of 1.5GB per day, and log data retention for seven days. 

Sumo Logic pricing — Essentials

For companies steadily increasing the size and spread of their data repositories, Sumo Logic’s Essentials tier offers unlimited log capacity, 50,000 DPM per day, tracing capacity of 5GB per day, log data retention for 365 days, standard account support, cloud infrastructure security, compliance and audits checks, and enterprise dashboards.

Sumo Logic pricing — Enterprise Suite

Sumo Logic’s Enterprise Suite is reserved for the largest organizations, offering unlimited DPM, unlimited tracing capacity, global operational and security insights, 24/7 technical support, and the ability for customers to choose their own log data retention time frames. 

The platform also offers a Flex tier, whereby customers can tailor their subscription according to their business needs. If you’re interested in exploring this option, use the calculator on-site for an idea on costs.

Additional Sumo Logic costs to consider

Sumo Logic pricing isn’t visible online, making it unclear as to whether there are any additional costs to consider. In any case, our customer purchasing teams can negotiate SaaS contracts on your organization’s behalf when you’ve onboarded our SaaS purchasing platform.

We work independently of software vendors, leveraging insights from previous transactions to strike the best possible deals. Then, once your subscription is live, we’ll help you monitor platform performance and alert you on any key dates — all so you can better optimize your SaaS stack.

Other vendors offering data analytics solutions

We’re not interested in promoting one vendor over another; we simply want your organization to receive the best price on the ideal solution. If Sumo Logic isn’t ticking the right boxes, take a look at these three alternatives. 

Sumo Logic pricing vs Splunk

Splunk is another platform that searches and analyzes all log data for actionable insights, both on native servers and in the cloud. Customers report an 82% reduction in downtime and remediation time accelerated by 80%. New applications also come to market 50% faster using the platform, thanks to better visibility into how changes might impact your business. 

There are three subscription tiers available, with Splunk pricing visible on the third tier, as follows:

  • Splunk Enterprise Security — Monitor, detect and respond to complex threats in the cloud and on-site.
  • Splunk Cloud Platform — Stream, filter, aggregate and search your data in the cloud. Pay structures are based on how much data your organization brings in, or depending on how much computing power your workload demands. 
  • Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring — Monitor any stack at any scale, detect and resolve issues before they become real, and use AI to troubleshoot at speed. Pricing starts at $15 per person, per month (pppm).

Sumo Logic pricing vs LogRhythm

There are four products on the LogRhythm platform, which comes with over 950 third party and cloud integrations:

  • LogRhythm Axon — Cloud-native SIEM providing powerful security analysis across all SaaS products, with self-hosted cloud and on-premise environments. 
  • LogRhythm SIEM — Self-hosted SIEM that allows for quick detection and remediation, uncovering threats and mitigating attacks. 
  • LogRhythm NetMon — Self-hosted network traffic analytics providing real-time visibility to monitor the organization’s entire network. 
  • LogRhythm UEBA — An add-on that looks at user and entity behavior analytics, improving security monitoring to better detect anomalies and prioritize findings for investigation and response. 

LogRhythm pricing isn’t available online. 

Sumo Logic pricing vs QRadar

Built by IBM, QRadar is a platform designed to combat today’s sophisticated cyber criminals with advanced AI and threat intelligence. Like all the platforms discussed here, QRadar offers both cloud-native or on-premise data monitoring solutions. Customers report a 90% reduction in time spent investigating incidents — analysts saved 14,000 hours over a three-year period — and a 60% reduction in the risk of a security breach. 

Customers can select one of two subscription tiers: Usage and Enterprise. Pricing for Usage is based on the number of log events ingested per second and the number of network communications per minute (FPM). For the Enterprise tier, QRadar pricing is based on the number of physical, virtual and cloud servers there are in the environment. For an idea on costs, use the LogRhythm estimator on-site.

Sumo Logic pricing — the Vertice verdict

For organizations with growing data repositories both on-site and in cloud environments, data analytics solutions like Sumo Logic are essential. Its four products cover all monitoring, troubleshooting, compliance and SIEM concerns, eradicating security issues before they’re given the chance to impact your business. 

Compared to the other vendors mentioned here, Sumo Logic and LogRhythm offer the most comprehensive solutions. What separates the two is that Sumo Logic offers new customers a 30-day free trial of its premium tier subscription, giving potential buyers an idea of its full operational power. 

SaaS pricing is notoriously opaque, and pricing transparency is lacking on all four of the vendors in this piece. However, Vertice’s customer purchasing teams have great visibility on costs and historical contract information, which is powerful leverage for negotiating optimized subscriptions for our clients. With our purchasing power — and the capabilities of the Vertice platform — your organization can improve workflows, improve productivity and reduce the amount spent on SaaS and cloud solutions.

Sumo Logic pricing FAQs

Sumo Logic Company Profile


Sumo Logic is the pioneer in continuous intelligence, a new category of software, which enables organizations of all sizes to address the data challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation, modern applications, and cloud computing.

Redwood City, California
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