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Guy Evans | April 09, 2024

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Our Alteryx pricing guide has been written to equip IT procurement teams with the information they need to make the right purchasing decision for their organization. We’ll be running through the features of Alteryx’s AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics before discussing subscription tiers, costs, and how the platform compares to competitors’ solutions. If you’re interested in learning more about any of the platforms discussed here, get in touch with Vertice and find out how we can optimize your entire SaaS stack.

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What Alteryx can do for you

Picture this: your analysts are becoming bogged down by swathes of customer and company data, repeating the same monotonous tasks without any end in sight. The data continues to be logged, the reports continue to be written, and little changes in your workers’ day-to-day lives. 

If you’re interested in purchasing a product like Alteryx’s AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics, it’s likely that picturing the above scenario isn’t necessary; it’s an image you encounter regularly.

Alteryx is a data analytics company that produces platforms to automate analysis of large volumes of data, sparing workers from manual entries and endless reports. The company’s Enterprise Analytics platform builds processes that are easily repeatable, improving efficiencies and accuracies while minimizing the risk of human error.

With end-to-end visibility into data workflows, platform information is properly governed and secure. By automating repetitive tasks and offering AI-powered data insights, your organization saves time, reduces risk, adds value, and boosts productivity across the entire company, stimulating widespread collaboration across your teams.

Alteryx pricing structures and tiers

Your organization’s data stack is only as useful as your ability to process it. Alteryx’s AI Enterprise Analytics platform is the glue that connects your data infrastructure to your workers — some of the platform’s key features include:

  • Data insights generated at the speed of AI, all with embedded governance and security.
  • Daily reports scheduled to place important discoveries into the hands of decision makers.
  • Insights via automated data preparation and machine learning for reliable analytics.
  • Guaranteed compliance with the latest security standards and certifications.
  • Intuitive user experience that allows all workers to build solutions.
  • Hundreds of software integrations — including Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Snowflake and Databricks — that bring users closer to company data, whether it resides in on-site databases or in cloud environments.

With these capabilities, your organization can retire old spreadsheets and save thousands of hours of manual work. 

Alteryx also offers 12 other products related to data analytics and automation: Designer, Designer Cloud, Intelligence Suite, Machine Learning, Auto Insights, Location Intelligence, Connect, Server, Cloud Execution for Desktop, Location & Business Insights Datasets, Designer FIPS and Server FIPS.

Alteryx pricing — Professional

The AI Enterprise Analytics platform comes in two subscription tiers, the lower of which is called Professional. 

With a minimum of three users, Professional subscription prices start at approximately $5,000 per person, per year and includes the following:

  • Universal data connectivity
  • Adaptive data quality
  • Data pipeline scheduling
  • Unlimited workflows
  • Onboarding support

Alteryx pricing — Enterprise

Enterprise is the platform’s premium tier and pricing is unavailable online, so you’ll need to contact the sales team to receive a quote. 

The Enterprise subscription includes all of the features of Professional but places greater emphasis on security, including role-based access controls and access via APIs. Enterprise subscriptions are for a minimum of seven users.

New customers can access a 30-day free trial of either subscription.

Additional Alteryx costs to consider

Both of Alteryx’s subscription tiers offer additional workflow packages, although poor pricing visibility makes it unclear how much these cost. In any case, the Professional tier of the Enterprise Analytics platform is charged per user, so any added seats will cost an extra $5,000 a year.

Other vendors offering data analytics solutions

Alteryx is just one software provider offering data analytics solutions. If you’re not taken with Alteryx’s Enterprise Analytics platform, consider the three alternatives below. 

Alteryx pricing vs Tableau

Tableau is a data analytics platform that can also be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. A product of Salesforce, the Tableau platform integrates directly with Salesforce’s CRM, so is worth considering if your organization is already familiar with Salesforce services.

From data preparation to security to automated insights, Tableau offers a solution for the entire data lifecycle, with AI and machine learning capabilities for data governance and management, as well as visual storytelling and cross-team collaboration.

The platform fits around existing IT architecture of even the world’s largest organizations, offering flexibility by never dictating which data sources to use or which cloud services to deploy. 

Pricing structures depend on the number of data creators ($76.50 per person, per month (pppm)), explorers ($43.50pppm) and viewers ($15pppm) you opt for in your subscription. What’s great is that Tableau pricing is transparent and flexible, with prospective customers able to set their own parameters. A 14-day free trial is also available. 

Alteryx pricing vs KNIME

KNIME’s Data Analytics platform is free and open source, with over 300 connectors to data sources. Users can access data from any source, and then aggregate, blend, sort, filter and join data on their device, in-databases or in cloud environments. 

KNIME’s paid subscriptions are organized into two groups: KNIME Community Hub, which is managed by KNIME itself, and KNIME Business Hub, which is managed by KNIME customers. Here’s what pricing looks like for each:

KNIME Community Hub:

  • For individuals – free
  • For small teams – approximately $108 per month

KNIME Business Hub:

  • Basic – approx. $38,100 per year
  • Standard – approx. $68,000 per year
  • Enterprise – contact the sales team for a quote

KNIME offers a 30-day free trial of its products. 

Alteryx pricing vs Qlik

Like the other solutions discussed here, the Qlik platform also resolves data issues on-premises, in the cloud and in hybrid environments. The platform’s capabilities are split into three categories — Data Integration, Analytics and AI/ML — with separate pricing for each.

Data Integration comes in three tiers, while AI/ML comes in two, but prices for both aren’t available online. The Analytics platform, however, does offer some transparency on pricing, as follows:

  • Standard – $20pppm, minimum ten users
  • Premium – $2,700 per month, up to ten full users
  • Enterprise – get in touch to receive a quote

Free trials are available for Data Integration and Analytics platforms only.

Alteryx pricing — the Vertice verdict

The Alteryx AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics releases workers from mundane and time-consuming tasks. In doing so, it can save countless hours spent manually entering data, minimizing risk, boosting efficiency and retiring old spreadsheets. 

But it’s not just a tool for data organization. The platform’s ability to deliver AI-powered data insights directly into the hands of key people in your organization enhances productivity across your entire organization. 

With competitor vendor pricing either hidden or dependent on adjustable subscription structures — and with pricing for Alteryx’s Enterprise solution also obscured — it’s difficult to place Alteryx pricing accurately in the market. 

What is easy to see, however, is that customers already familiar with Salesforce should consider opting for the Tableau platform — you may be able to negotiate a cut-price deal, and integrations with the Salesforce CRM will certainly make onboarding more streamlined. 

Whichever vendor is best suited for your organization, know that Vertice’s customer purchasing teams offer essential support during contract negotiations. With access to vendor transactional data, we’re able to provide our clients with bartering power usually absent in SaaS negotiations. We’ll head to the table with one thing in mind: to secure you the best possible deal at the best possible price. 

For more information on how the Vertice SaaS Purchasing Platform can cut your IT spend and optimize your stack, simply click the link.

Alteryx pricing FAQs

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Alteryx is a technology platform that delivers end-to-end automation of analytics, machine learning, and data science processes, enabling enterprises to quickly access, manipulate, analyze, and output data.

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