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Most businesses are significantly overpaying on SaaS and cloud. That’s where we come in. We bring SaaS and cloud into a single platform, giving finance, procurement and tech leaders unified insights to control their spend. Surfacing joint opportunities for savings, we bring your teams together towards a common efficiency goal.

Control your SaaS and cloud usage all under one roof with 20-30% savings. Guaranteed.

Why Vertice

The platform built for finance and tech leaders to optimize their SaaS + Cloud spend.

Get granular visibility into your spend, and advanced forecasting. Control your SaaS and cloud usage with elastic workflows. Save up to 20-30% annually. Guaranteed. All under one roof.

Annual savings

Simple, transparent, guaranteed savings.

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Estimate how much money and time your business could save.

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90 days
Typical payback period

Learn how it takes less than 3 months to see a financial return.

Customer Stories

Your SaaS and cloud optimization platform

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Pricing data intelligence

Backed by exclusive data on thousands of SaaS and cloud optimizations

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Leverage for your team

We help finance teams drive better results with higher efficiency, letting you focus on other priorities

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Visibility into your full stack

A 360° view of your SaaS tools and your cloud infrastructure, in one central location

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Streamlined approvals

A quick and painless process that ensures legal compliance every step of the way

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Extensive integrations

Vertice integrates with all major ERP finance, contract management systems, ticketing and SSO providers

Savings you never knew were possible

SaaS and cloud spend ramping up faster than your business can manage?

Let’s talk about how we can help you fix that.