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Project Collaboration Software

The ultimate pricing guide

Between 2019 and 2021, use of project collaboration tools increased by 40%. Is your business getting the best value for the price you pay to work together in today’s digital environment?

Read our in-depth pricing guide and analysis of SaaS vendors in this space.

Pricing clarity analysis

We’ve compiled real pricing and discounting data for seven G2 leaders in the project collaboration software category. Each rating is based on a combination of publicly available vendor pricing information and data from the Vertice database. Factoring each rating into our pricing clarity formula, we’ve generated a corresponding Price Clarity Score to aid businesses in securing the best pricing.

Vendor pricing breakdowns

By making pricing unclear and difficult to understand, vendors often hold the most negotiation leverage. Vertice’s Pricing Clarity score aims to provide business leaders with insight into how a vendor compares with its peers in terms of pricing simplicity, transparency and parity.

Where the best deals are

For each vendor, we’ve also analyzed average discounting — the aggregate price discount that customers pay compared with list pricing.

Report features:
Card 0
Vendor discount tendencies

Which vendors are the most flexible with their pricing packages?

Card 1
Pricing parity insights

How consistent is pricing for each vendor across similar customers?

Card 2
Vendor pricing breakdowns

How transparent and coherent is each vendor’s pricing model?

Card 3
Market-level insights

How much are businesses paying in this space at the high and low ends?

Card 4
Tips and tactics for saving

What steps can your business take to tip the scales in your favor?

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