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The CFO's guide to managing cloud costs for 2024

Cloud spend is the number one cost-cutting priority for financial leaders in the coming 12 months.

To better understand the trends, challenges and opportunities facing the modern CFO in cost-cutting, and more specifically the cloud, Vertice commissioned a research study that surveyed 600 finance and technology leaders across the US and UK, which was undertaken in August 2023.

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55% of companies are spending more on cloud this year versus last year

A quarter (24%) of companies described their cloud spend as a ‘significant increase’ compared with last year. Only 5% of companies reported cloud costs to be lower than they were in 2022, and 1% reported significant year-over-year reductions in their cloud spend.


In August of 2023, Vertice surveyed 600 finance and tech leaders who either own, manage, or participate in their organization’s cloud cost management decision making process to better understand the current state of cloud spend challenges. All responses were anonymized and analyzed in aggregate.

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