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Since its founding in 2009, Crunch has been on a mission to provide exceptional accountancy software and services to microbusinesses. As a company focused on promoting the financial health of its customers, it was also dedicated to finding cost savings and efficiencies across its own business.

After initial conversations with Vertice, Crunch was convinced by the savings guarantee, which meant the leadership team could purchase with the confidence that they were making the right decision. Since trusting Vertice with contract negotiation, Crunch has achieved close to a 700% return on its investment and been able to dedicate that time and money to servings its customers.

The challenge

Despite already operating as a lean company, the challenges of both the COVID-19 pandemic and the more recent cost of living crisis required accounting platform, Crunch, to identify further ways to optimize its costs across the business.

“We wanted to have a clear focus on our roadmap and delivering on key results. After years of economic difficulty as a result of the pandemic and cost of living crisis, we were looking for ways to optimize and find cost savings,” explained Helena Straussmann, Operations and Transformation Director at Crunch.

Adding further weight to the decision was the fact that a strategic, multi-year contract was coming up for renewal. “We’ve struggled with the SaaS subscriptions we’ve brought onboard and negotiating with some of our strategic vendors was near impossible,” said CEO Darren Fell. Feeling the pressure, the team knew it had to find a solution.

The solution

It was at this point the company was introduced to Vertice.

After learning how the platform could help to uncover maximum cost-saving opportunities, and understanding the value of working with a dedicated SaaS purchaser that would be able to negotiate contracts on its behalf, the team at Crunch was eager to see if Vertice really could deliver on its promises.

“It sounded too good to be true,” Helena shared regarding her initial hesitation, “but once we got into the sales process, the team were incredibly genuine and you could tell that what they said is what they would deliver.”

Ultimately, the decision came down to the cost savings and the return on investment. When the cost savings analysis revealed the significant savings that Crunch could be leaving on the table, especially with the upcoming strategic vendor renewal, the team was convinced.

The results

The relationship started with a negotiation for Crunch’s CRM system. “When I got the first response back on the savings on our first contract, I just thought that’s perfect. And that’s the defining line of quality at Vertice,” said Darren. In addition to delivering savings of around 17%, Vertice was also able to update Crunch’s terms to quarterly billing as well.

Vertice has since become further embedded in the standard procurement process at Crunch, creating a central location for the leadership team to see and understand every SaaS contract being subscribed to across the organization, while also revealing invaluable usage insights that help with decision making – something that has helped to create structure in what was a previously informal and inefficient procurement process.

“Aside from the money savings, the time saving element has also taken a lot off my plate and other people’s plates,” said Helena. “Getting a good negotiation done with Vertice means I can focus on my day-to-day instead.”

Since partnering with Vertice, Crunch has ultimately been able to reinvest these savings into both its customers and its product. With over $180,000 saved in the first six months alone and more contracts on the horizon, the team at Crunch is confident that they are now able to make better decisions and get the best possible results with Vertice.

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