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Marko Marincic | April 30, 2024

Unlock Fullstory cost savings with Vertice’s unique pricing benchmarks. Understand how the digital analytics platform can improve your bottom line. 

Our Fullstory pricing guide delves into the digital analytics platform’s five subscription plans, illuminating the key selling points for businesses in industries ranging from ecommerce to app software development. We’ll also consider some alternative vendors offering a similar service and explain how the Vertice platform can help you obtain a discount.

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What Fullstory can do for you

Fullstory is a top-spec Digital Analytics as a Service provider helping organizations gain insights into how users interact with their websites and apps. The vendor goes beyond traditional analytics with a patented data capture process that logs extensive user session data, from clicks, form submissions, and scrolls to so-called ‘rage clicks’ (frustrated, rapid clicks). 

Fullstory pricing also unlocks an AI-enhanced ‘cooking’ service, semantically indexing and proactively structuring user data to create immediately actionable solutions to problems that might be putting off potential customers. 

The vendor offers four core products: 

  • Data Direct – The newest Fullstory pricing plan grants unrestricted access to Data Direct, a tool enabling DevOps teams to build predictive analytics models within existing workflows. This can connect SaaS stacks with unified analytics, helping to join the dots between marketing automation, CRM systems, and business intelligence platforms with real-time user experience data. 
  • Product Analytics – Fullstory pricing includes a comprehensive Product Analytics solution, dissecting user interactions with a granular focus on everything from regular clicks and scrolls to customer rage-induced activity. Detailed analysis reveals user behavior patterns, helping to pinpoint areas for improvement.  
  • Mobile Analytics – Fullstory advertises a five-star app experience for every user with its streamlined and privacy-conscious Mobile Analytics product. The vendor’s Software Development Kit only uses around 1 MB and has intelligent caching to scale bandwidth as appropriate and keep customer experience speeds unobstructed from data analysis.
  • Behavioral Insights – Nothing slips through Fullstory’s retroactive and tagless autocapture technology. The vendor uses innovative features like heat maps rather than full-scale screen recording for a more efficient and privacy-conscious data capture method. Organizations can also access a Behavioural Data Index, supplying user behavior across various industries to help businesses compare data and make contextually relevant decisions.  

Fullstory pricing is suitable for e-commerce leaders to nimble app development startups, offering tiered plans to ensure a scalable solution that adapts to broad business requirements. The vendor has a free subscription alongside four paid options, making it a perfect fit for various business sizes.

Fullstory pricing structures and tiers

Although exact Fullstory pricing is unavailable publicly, the vendor supplies information regarding the basic structure. Businesses can choose from four core plans — Free, Business, Advanced, and Enterprise. 

The newly developed Data Direct product is currently available as a separate entity, forming a fifth overall pricing option. 

Fullstory price tiers start with a relatively basic service for behavior data analytics beginners or very small businesses. Functionality scales significantly once you climb subscription plans, adding greater customizability, insights, and other special features. We’ve walked you through below: 

Fullstory pricing – Free 

Fullstory pricing starts with the Free plan, a basic subscription for small teams, SaaS startups, and individual proprietors getting to grips with behavioral analytics. This option provides entry-level insights into website and app user experiences, helping to identify common issues and understand how visitors interact with various content or product aspects. 

The Free tier is ideal for small businesses starting to harness behavior analytics and session replay, although there are fairly restrictive limitations on functionality and data retention. 

Fullstory pricing – Business 

Fullstory pricing at Business level unlocks several advanced features like funnels, user segments, and heatmaps. These tools provide a cross-functional dissection of an organization’s digital portfolio, offering seamless SaaS integrations, mobile analytics, segment health, live session viewing, and more. 

Small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) can gain deeper insights into user journeys, identify conversion roadblocks, and optimize websites or apps for better engagement. Additionally, the Business plan offers increased data retention and security compliance while allowing for more user seats compared to the Free tier. 

Fullstory pricing – Advanced 

The Fullstory price can increase considerably for an Advanced subscription, but not without reason. Organizations gain enhanced functionality at all levels, with additional tools including metric alerts, conversion maps, and data export. 

This is particularly apparent for the Product Analytics solution, so organizations looking to leverage the powerful Fullstory solution should consider negotiating an Advanced plan. Retention analysis, metric insights, and conversion analysis are some of the most eye-catching elements. 

Fullstory pricing – Enterprise 

The Fullstory price at Enterprise level unleashes the vendor’s complete capabilities, with exclusive features like SAML single sign-on for additional security, multi-organization management, and role-based access control (RBAC). This plan also offers dedicated customer success support, ensuring businesses get the most value from their Fullstory subscriptions. 

Enterprise users receive priority access to new features alongside the highest level of data security and customization options. This plan is the best choice for companies requiring maximum scalability, performance, and a platform that adapts to their evolving needs. 

Fullstory pricing – Data Direct 

Data Direct is somewhere between a Fullstory pricing add-on and subscription plan in its own right. The advanced data manipulation service enables organizations to export raw session data and apply custom analytical models for integration with external tools, from CRM systems to marketing automation and other business applications. 

Bear in mind that Data Direct requires more technical expertise than the four core products, so the add-on will fit organizations with advanced DevOps teams more. It’s ideal for businesses needing to integrate Fullstory data into complex reporting workflows and build their own custom user behavior insights.

Additional Fullstory costs to consider

Other than the Data Direct product, the main additional cost to consider is the Fullstory for Mobile Apps add-on. This is available for Business, Advanced, and Enterprise plans, enabling mobile application development teams to debug and streamline iOS and Android software. 

Fullstory pricing may also increase for more seats, custom integrations, or data retention, but customer stories suggest additional costs are minimal. 

That said, a concrete Fullstory price is only offered per quote. While obfuscated pricing is often a frustrating part of SaaS procurement, it does provide opportunities to lock in a favorable contract through tactical negotiation.

Other vendors offering Digital Analytics as a Service

Comparing vendors is another key aspect of a successful procurement strategy. Check below for a few alternative Digital Analytics as a Service options to consider alongside Fullstory. 

Fullstory pricing vs Hotjar 

Hotjar pricing is more commercially transparent than Fullstory, with exact costs for each subscription under its Observe, Ask, and Engage products. All tiers start with a free plan, running up to advanced Scale subscriptions that can exceed $350/month. 

Fullstory is generally more expensive but offers far deeper data-driven optimization and user journey analysis. On the other hand, Hotjar is usually cheaper and includes additional features like surveys and user interviews. 

Fullstory pricing vs Glassbox

Glassbox pricing generally suits larger budgets, based on previous customer stories. The vendor excels with powerful A/B testing, real-time user journey visualization, and marketing automation integration. 

Ultimately, Glassbox offers a slightly more advanced behavioral analytics service. Fullstory can be more cost-effective, however, and also touts superior mobile app development features. 

Fullstory pricing vs Heap 

Heap pricing is split into four categories — Free, Growth, Pro, and Premier. The vendor can be more affordable than Fullstory and offers more advanced custom event tracking and governance. Customer stories also point to potential strength handling high data loads when compared with Fullstory. 

That said, Fullstory is still the better choice for mobile app development-focussed analytics. It’s also a solid option for optimizing conversion funnels and session replay visualization.

Fullstory pricing – the Vertice verdict

Ecommerce businesses are particularly well-placed to take advantage of Fullstory pricing, increasing conversions and customer satisfaction by identifying user pain points and optimizing the overall sales funnel. 

But this digital analytics platform is far from an ecommerce-only tool. Fullstory also enables organizations to build their own custom predictive analytics models, integrating with existing SaaS stacks to streamline workflows and break down data silos. 

As such, this vendor is ideal for organizations prioritizing in-depth user journey analysis and data-driven optimization of conversion paths, regardless of industry. 

Vertice can assist with optimal procurement by using our pricing benchmarks as leverage while negotiating on your behalf. Through our SaaS Purchasing Platform, we regularly help businesses acquire discounts for Fullstory pricing and other vendors. 

Our white-glove service also extends to cloud spend management, with unified dashboards helping you track spend and resource usage for optimal results.

Fullstory pricing FAQs

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FullStory offers digital experience intelligence, on-the-fly conversion funnels, advanced search capabilities, video-like replay of real user sessions, and robust debugging and developer tools—all while integrating with leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) products.

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