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SaaS Spend Management

Get granular visibility into your software spend

  • Track and manage all SaaS renewals and new purchases in one place and eliminate wasted spend and maximize ROI.
  • Secure the best deals on software with pricing benchmarks from thousands of vendors.
  • Save up to 20-30% annually. Guaranteed.

Why Vertice

Get granular visibility into your spend, and advanced forecasting. Control your SaaS and cloud usage with elastic workflows. Save up to 20-30% annually. Guaranteed. All under one roof.

Annual savings

Simple, transparent, guaranteed savings.

Average ROI

Estimate how much money and time your business could save.

90 days
Typical payback period

Learn how it takes less than 3 months to see a financial return.

The SaaS purchasing platform that
gives you serious savings

Vertice is built to take care of your SaaS, from helping you get the best price on new purchases to managing every step of your renewals.

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Streamlined renewals

Proactively keep track of the software due for renewal, using alerts, approvals and workflows to get the best possible pricing on your SaaS.

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Usage and analytics

More than a third of all licenses go to waste. Vertice tracks your actual usage against the seats you’ve purchased, helping you eliminate overspend and under-utilization.

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Diligence insights

Vertice automatically makes recommendations on the contracts and terms of your purchases, as well as streamlining the compliance and security process.

Savings you never knew were possible

SaaS and cloud spend ramping up faster than your business can manage?

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