JFrog pricing: Using exclusive pricing intel to secure a discount

Strategies for saving on your purchase or renewal

Aimee Manning | MAR 06, 2023

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DevOps solutions platform, JFrog, helps businesses develop and deploy their software packages. Its mission is to power the world’s software updates — assisting with the management, automation, and scaling of some of the largest companies’ application delivery.

Bridging the gap between developers, security, executives, and enterprises, JFrog has proven itself as a popular solution and is now used by the majority of Fortune 100 Companies. In fact, it boasts a 4.2-star rating on G2 and is often praised for its intuition and speed.

But the question is, how much will it cost you to add the tool to your portfolio? And is it possible to get a discount on JFrog’s pricing?

Let’s take a look.

How much does JFrog cost?

Fortunately, JFrog is one of the 45% of software vendors that publicly lists its pricing information online. In fact, aside from its Enterprise-level plan which is quote-based, the company offers a clear breakdown of price points for its different products.

But while these prices aren’t necessarily set in stone — more on that later — it is important to familiarize yourself with the different plans on offer, so that you can head into discussions with a clear idea of the plan type that is best suited to your usage and feature requirements.

So, what are these pricing plans?

JFrog pricing packages


JFrog Cloud Pricing

For users opting for a cloud plan, there are numerous options available. The first is a free subscription, allowing for up to 5GB of transfer per month, 2GB of storage, and up to 5 users. The plan incorporates JFrog Artifactory and 2,000 CI/CD minutes per month.

Users that want to integrate their JFrog plan with a chosen cloud provider have three options of base package that incrementally increase in capacity and functionality. The first is the Pro plan, costing $98 per month for 20GB of transfer per month, 4GB of storage, additional security features and an unlimited number of users. The Enterprise X plan costs $1,199 per month for 200GB of transfer per month, 125GB of storage, SLA customer support and further database and scanning features.

The final tier is JFrog Enterprise+, which is a quote-based plan offering full DevOps platform features, High Touch Support, and greater control.

Public marketplace

JFrog Marketplace Pricing

Each of the Pro, Enterprise X, and Enterprise+ packages available via JFrog can also be purchased via public marketplaces, such as AWS Marketplace, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. While the base price points for each plan remain the same, JFrog offers Enterprise X or Enterprise+ customers purchasing through a marketplace the option to receive a custom offer for subscriptions tailored to their usage needs.


JFrog Self Hosted Pricing

Companies looking to host JFrog on their own server will need to purchase a self-hosted plan. This package is also available in several tiers. The first is the Pro plan, priced at $3,500 for one server per year, including Artifactory Binary Repository and several options for flexible storage. The next is Pro X, costing $21,500 for one server per year, incorporating SLA customer support and further database and scanning features. The next is Enterprise X, integrating Multisite features, advanced storage and authentication features.

The final self-hosted plan is JFrog Enterprise+, which is a quote-based plan offering full DevOps platform features, High Touch Support, and CI/CD Orchestration.

JFrog Artifactory pricing

JFrog Artifactory is a popular product included in all of JFrog’s platform packages, providing binary repository management for software development teams. This solution natively supports over 30 software packages and offers a range of repository features. JFrog Artifactory pricing will depend on your wider DevOps needs, with each of the JFrog pricing plans differing in capacity and functionality.

Is it possible to get a discount on JFrog pricing?

In short, yes.


Because software prices are rarely set in stone and when you build vendor rapport and use effective negotiation strategies, it’s almost always possible to secure a SaaS discount.

According to our data, JFrog has a fairly standard pricing parity rating of 59 out of 100, which suggests that while there is a reasonable degree of consistency between the pricing offered to similar customers, there is still some level of disparity between the rates that they pay — and some may be more discounted than others.

But how do you achieve the best possible discount?

Allow enough time for negotiations

When procuring a new contract or renewing an existing subscription, businesses often leave themselves with too little time to negotiate. Leaving it all to the last minute can be all too easy, but could mean that you miss out on opportunities to save money or secure better contract terms.

If you’re beginning a new contract and pushing for a fast turnaround, vendors might realize that you need a quick deal and be inflexible with their terms. Or, if you’re renewing, and forget to allow yourself negotiation time during your renewal window, you might get locked in for another year with the same unfavorable contract terms.

In any event, the better option is to allow yourself adequate lead time to research, strategize, and approach negotiations with tact.

Consider a multi-year agreement

While JFrog states that its Enterprise X and Enterprise+ plans are available for annual purchase at a discounted rate, it’s also worth considering a longer, multi-year agreement for further savings.

Although this won’t be the right option for every company, especially those that require flexibility, it is worth noting that the average vendor offers an extra 5% discount for each additional year a buyer commits to.

Use a mediator to negotiate on your behalf

Another way to secure a discount not only on JFrog, but on any SaaS subscription, is through the use of shuttle diplomacy. In other words, using a third party to negotiate on your behalf.

Why’s this effective?

Ultimately, because it helps to create a sense of impartiality during software negotiations, helping both you and the vendor reach an agreement that you’re both happy with. In addition to this, any proposals or questions go through an experienced mediator that understands the intricacies of the SaaS negotiation process and knows the levers to pull to secure the best contract terms, all the while saving you countless hours and headaches.

At Vertice, we can act as this intermediary and negotiate on your behalf. With access to the pricing points and discounting data for more than 13,000 global software vendors, we can find out exactly what other companies are paying for the tool and use this insight as leverage in our negotiations. What’s more, Vertice is a risk-free service — we guarantee software savings for your business.

Use our free cost savings analysis tool today to find out how much you could be saving on your annual SaaS spend.


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