Fivetran pricing: how much does it cost?

Everything you need to know about Fivetran pricing

Sarah Monette | AUG 23, 2023

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Following a successful recent funding round and the acquisition of database platform HVR, Fivetran has fast become a market-leading force in the data integration space, with the tool now powering some 1.2 million schema changes each month.

And that’s not where the credentials end. Among the provider’s extensive customer roster are household names such as Condé Nast, ASICS, WeWork, and Hermes Group, making Fivetran a worthwhile and trustworthy investment if you’re considering a new data integration software solution.

As with any new SaaS purchase, however, costs need to be considered. After all, with SaaS prices on the rise — rapidly outpacing the general rate of market inflation – and software stacks growing by an average of 18% each year, finance leaders need to be doing everything in their power to minimize spending in this area.

Which means you not only need to know how much Fivetran wants you to pay, but you should also be finding out how much of a discount you could be securing.

With this in mind, here’s what you need to know about Fivetran pricing.

How much does Fivetran cost?

To cater to different usage needs, Fivetran offers several core pricing editions, including a free plan and an enterprise-level solution. Fivetran’s pricing is consumption-based, meaning that you’ll only be charged for changed data. The pricing page explains that usage is determined by the number of monthly active rows (MARs) that are used, referring to those that are inserted, updated or deleted by connectors during a month.

As the total volume of data that you sync increases, the unit cost — or your ‘cost per row’ — automatically decreases.

While the provider doesn’t list any starting price points for its plans, its pricing page does feature a budgeting tool that provides an estimation of how much a user can expect to pay, based on the plan they subscribe to and the volume of unique data they wish to sync.

Let’s take a closer look at the subscription tiers on offer.

Fivetran pricing plans

Fivetran pricing plans


Fivetran’s Free plan is recommended for individual users looking to make automations for small volumes of data, up to 500,000 MARs.


The first of Fivetran’s paid plans, Starter, offers up to 10 users basic syncing and integration capabilities for over 500,000 MARs. Starter supports 1-hour syncs and 200+ managed connectors.


Fivetran’s most popular plan is the mid-level Standard edition, supporting teams with any number of users looking to centralize product and transactional data. It’s packaged with the full feature set available in Starter, as well as database support, a faster sync time of 15 minutes, and additional access to Fivetran’s REST API.


Fivetran Enterprise is recommended for global teams requiring real-time analytics and advanced data security protocols. This pricing edition offers 5-minute syncs, refined data governance presets, and additional security and support features over the Standard plan’s offering.

Fivetran also offers a Business Critical enterprise plan fit for organizations with more advanced data protection needs. Business Critical supports the full functionality of Enterprise on top of additional options for PCI DSS certification, hosting and encryption.

But while you may now have an idea of what each plan entails and you can use the budget curve on the pricing page to get a frame of reference on pricing, it’s worth noting that these figures might not be entirely representative of the price you’ll end up paying. This is because publicly listed SaaS prices are rarely set in stone.

So, what are your other options for finding out Fivetran pricing?

In short, by looking online for examples of what other companies pay for their subscription.

Fivetran pricing

One user on this PeerSpot thread, for instance, claims that Fivetran was charging their business between $12,000 and $15,000 per month for 1-2GB of usage — amounting to $144,000 to $180,000 per year.

Fivetran pricing

In contrast, another user on the same thread claims to pay between $20,000 and $30,000 per year for their subscription, a significantly lower figure.

But while the pricing insights found on online threads can certainly provide you with a frame of reference on what companies end up paying for their Fivetran subscription, an issue with this approach is that commenters don’t always offer much insight into their exact usage or the scale of their business. Which means that the figures you’re shown tend to vary widely, as with the above example, and may quickly become outdated as pricing models change.

So, is there another way to gain accurate pricing insights from a non-vendor source?

Yes — by talking to Vertice. We have access to exclusive transactional data from Fivetran clients around the globe and can tell you exactly how much companies like yours are paying for their subscriptions. But we’ll get to that shortly.

Can you get a discount on Fivetran pricing?

As we’ve discussed, software prices are rarely set in stone — and many companies overspend unnecessarily on their subscriptions. In fact, we’ve found that 90% of organizations tend to overspend on their SaaS by an average of 20-30%, often significantly more. In part, this is because they miss valuable cost-saving opportunities when accepting the quoted price first offered by vendors.

Across your entire software portfolio, these losses can quickly stack up — and before you know it, you may need to cut back in other areas of your business to make up the loss.

So, how exactly can you go about securing a discount on your Fivetran subscription?

Well, if you’re a Y Combinator company, it’s worth joining the Fivetran Startup Program, which provides $50,000 of Fivetran services, tech support, and resources for free to select YC companies.

Given the vast majority of prospective users will not meet this criteria, however, the other option is to negotiate a Fivetran discount, something that’s certainly achievable according to our data. Not only does Fivetran have a medium discount possibility, but there are also inconsistencies in the prices that companies of a similar size and use case are paying.

When you also factor in that the average discount for vendors within same industry is 28%, it is certainly possible that with the right leverage and a solid negotiation strategy, you can secure lucrative savings on a subscription.

The question is, how?

Software negotiation tips

Commit to a longer subscription period

While you may opt for the flexibility of Fivetran’s pay-as-you-go pricing option, an annual plan may make more business sense thanks to benefits such as a committed-spend discount and a dedicated customer success manager.

But what if you were to commit to an even longer, multi-year plan?

Our data tells us that on average, SaaS providers tend to offer an extra 5% discount for each additional year that an organization signs on for. So, if you’re confident that Fivetran will remain a key tool in your arsenal for the years to come, committing for multiple years at a time could yield the best software savings across your entire stack.

Partner with an intermediary

Many companies opt to use a third-party mediator to facilitate negotiations with their vendor. While by no means exclusive to SaaS purchasing, this kind of shuttle diplomacy can be especially useful to companies inexperienced in navigating negotiations, as it creates impartiality between you and the vendor when one of you needs to make a request.

The best negotiators will have years of experience on either side of the deal — and most importantly, will understand when to push for favorable contract terms such as volume discounts and when not to. This could be a wise investment for an organization without the resources to commit to software negotiations, and ultimately, will help both you and the vendor reach a deal that you’re satisfied with.

Access accurate pricing benchmarks for Fivetran and thousands of other SaaS vendors

Vertice has access to the transactional and discounting data for more than 16,000 software providers worldwide — Fivetran included. But it’s not just that we provide you with these invaluable pricing benchmarks to leverage, we can also negotiate on your behalf to secure your organization the best possible pricing on any contract.

And that’s not all we all do. Our SaaS management platform provides unparalleled visibility into your entire software stack, tracking all your contract terms and renewal information from one convenient dashboard. This provides you with detailed insights into how each tool is being utilized across your organization, highlighting opportunities for even further cost savings.

See for yourself how much you could be saving on your annual SaaS spend or browse through our vendor database for exclusive pricing intel on thousands of software providers.

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