Product Updates

Event 0
Product Updates
Product Update: Accounting and ERP Integrations
Discover new contracts without disrupting your workflow
Author 0
Sarah Monette
Oct 2nd, 2023
Event 1
Product Updates
Product launch: All the power of Vertice, now for the cloud
Cloud Cost Optimization is a new offering from Vertice that empowers businesses to cut cloud spending by as much as 25%.
Author 1
Emily Glover
Sep 20th, 2023
Event 2
Product Updates
Product Update: Slack Integrations
Stay informed and take action on contracts in the most convenient way
Author 2
Sarah Monette
Sep 14th, 2023
Event 3
Product Updates
Product Update: Savings Insights
Enhanced transparency and contextual insights on procurement savings with Vertice
Author 3
Alex Anstett
Jul 31st, 2023
Event 4
Product Updates
Product Update: Enhanced Intake Forms
Speed up your procurement requests and gain more control
Author 4
Adejoke Adekunle
Jun 29th, 2023
Event 5
Product Updates
Product Update: Usage Analytics with advanced user insights
Now you can see every user for every app running in your organization
Author 5
Alex Anstett
Jun 15th, 2023
Event 6
Product Updates
Product Update: Diligence Insights
Robust time-saving measures that shortcut the process of contracting with SaaS vendors
Author 6
Joel Windels
Mar 28th, 2023
Event 7
Product Updates
Product Update: Usage Analytics & Discovery
Get detailed, intelligent analytics on the SaaS stack — even for the tools you don’t know about
Author 7
Joel Windels
Feb 2nd, 2023
Event 8
Product Updates
Product Update: Workflows, SSO and Renewal Calendar Upgrades
Enhanced workflow features and an improved user experience to help you manage your SaaS stack
Author 8
Joel Windels
Nov 28th, 2022