Event 0
Why cloud spend management is hurting your productivity
Fewer contracts, but tons of administration and balancing growth vs optimization.
Author 0
Matt Parsloe
Mar 20th, 2024
Event 1
The hidden cost of SaaS and cloud contract management
Discover the hidden world of inefficiency and wasted time in contract management
Author 1
Matt Parsloe
Mar 7th, 2024
Event 2
5 predictions for the the continued rise of AI software in 2024
Will the upward curve continue? Which key players will drive growth?
Author 2
Matt Parsloe
Jan 18th, 2024
Event 3
What is a SaaS Purchasing Management Platform?
Definition, benefits & guidance on choosing the right SPMP for your business
Author 3
Aimee Manning
Jul 10th, 2023
Event 4
What is a SaaS single source of truth and why is it needed?
The importance of building a central SaaS data repository for informed decision making
Author 4
Sarah Monette
Jun 6th, 2023
Event 5
Product Update: Diligence Insights
Robust time-saving measures that shortcut the process of contracting with SaaS vendors
Author 5
Joel Windels
Mar 28th, 2023
Event 6
Software license management: How to track SaaS licenses
With SaaS stacks growing and costs increasing, businesses need to get on top of their software spend
Author 6
Aimee Manning
Mar 23rd, 2023
Event 7
Software renewal management: How to manage SaaS renewals
The key to keeping on top of your SaaS renewals and preventing SaaS wastage
Author 7
Aimee Manning
Feb 15th, 2023
Event 8
How to use a SaaS system of record effectively
All you need to know about building and maintaining a SaaS system of record to improve visibility and reduce spend.
Author 8
Sarah Monette
Feb 14th, 2023
Event 9
SaaS sprawl: Definition, consequences & solutions
How to prevent SaaS sprawl from taking hold of your business
Author 9
Anna Markowska
Nov 15th, 2022
Event 10
The complete guide to software application rationalization
A framework for streamlining your SaaS stack
Author 10
Anna Markowska
Oct 26th, 2022
Event 11
SaaS duplication: the dark side of project collaboration tools
How the rise of project collaboration software is fueling the rise of SaaS duplication
Author 11
Aimee Manning
Sep 19th, 2022
Event 12
Has your SaaS stack become a Frankenstack?
Don’t let mismatched technology haunt your company
Author 12
Sarah Monette
Jul 12th, 2022
Event 13
The continuing proliferation of SaaS tools
Today's workforce runs on software
Author 13
Alex Anstett
Apr 28th, 2022