Event 0
The hidden cost of SaaS and cloud contract management
Discover the hidden world of inefficiency and wasted time in contract management
Author 0
Matt Parsloe
Mar 7th, 2024
Event 1
SaaS user management: The key to understanding software utilization
Companies are wasting millions of dollars each year on underutilized SaaS
Author 1
Sarah Monette
Feb 15th, 2024
Event 2
How to make SaaS and Cloud spend optimization your secret weapon of 2024
Don’t spend more on tech this year, spend better.
Author 2
Matt Parsloe
Jan 24th, 2024
Event 3
The importance of cost avoidance in SaaS procurement
Guidance for anticipating and preventing unnecessary expenses before they occur
Author 3
Aimee Manning
Dec 20th, 2023
Event 4
Boosting SaaS operating margins for efficiency in 2024
Invaluable insights from two SaaS CFOs
Author 4
Aimee Manning
Dec 11th, 2023
Event 5
How software optimizations can help you reduce your burn rate
Your SaaS spend holds the key to reducing your burn rate
Author 5
Leon Brown
Nov 30th, 2023
Event 6
The cost of software crisis: How inflation is affecting SaaS prices
Understanding the true impact of SaaS inflation and what it means for your business
Author 6
Aimee Manning
Nov 13th, 2023
Event 7
Why it’s time to ditch the spreadsheets when it comes to managing SaaS
Manual SaaS management is both costly and unsustainable
Author 7
Sarah Monette
Oct 12th, 2023
How to gain more SaaS purchasing power
How to secure the best deal on any software contract
Author 8
Aimee Manning
Sep 4th, 2023
Event 9
The true cost of SaaS wastage (and how to prevent it)
The key drivers of wasted SaaS spend
Author 9
Aimee Manning
Aug 31st, 2023
Event 10
Hidden pricing models: The SaaS pricing plans that go unadvertised
How to access more lucrative SaaS prices
Author 10
Aimee Manning
Aug 24th, 2023
Event 11
Hidden SaaS costs: what’s really driving up spend?
A look at what's causing your software spend to surge
Author 11
Aimee Manning
Jul 27th, 2023
Event 12
SaaS purchasing insights for July 2023
What's new in SaaS?
Author 12
Aimee Manning
Jul 12th, 2023
Foreign currency pricing in SaaS
Paying for software in a foreign currency: cost benefits & considerations
Everything you need to know about foreign currency transactions in SaaS
Author 13
Aimee Manning
Jul 5th, 2023
Event 14
SaaS purchasing best practices
How to ensure you're making the most informed SaaS purchasing decisions
Author 14
Aimee Manning
Jun 21st, 2023
Event 15
How CFOs can cut indirect spend
A look at how SaaS cost optimization can help reduce indirect spend
Author 15
Aimee Manning
Jun 8th, 2023
Finance tech stack: The average discount for every type of finance tool
See how much you could be saving on your next purchase or renewal
Author 16
Aimee Manning
May 17th, 2023
Event 17
5 ways to unlock millions in SaaS savings – Insights from a Vertice Purchasing Manager.
Why working closely with your procurement team leads to better strategic decisions and significant savings for your SaaS investments.
Author 17
Alex Anstett
May 15th, 2023
Event 18
Are you overpaying for your finance software?
A look at how you can gain the leverage needed to get the best possible savings on your finance tools
Author 18
Aimee Manning
Apr 27th, 2023
Event 19
What is zero-based budgeting & how can it help minimize SaaS spend?
With rising business costs and a global financial downturn, every expense needs to be accounted for
Author 19
Aimee Manning
Apr 18th, 2023
Event 20
Maverick spend in SaaS: Definition, examples and prevention
How to put a stop to unauthorized software spending
Author 20
Aimee Manning
Apr 3rd, 2023
Event 21
SaaS discovery methods: How to identify your entire software portfolio
Mitigate the effects of unmanaged SaaS by gaining complete oversight of your stack
Author 21
Leon Brown
Mar 16th, 2023
Event 22
Expert interview: How to strategically rightsize your RevOps tech stack
Maximize the value of your revenue SaaS stack & optimize for cost-savings
Author 22
Sarah Monette
Mar 14th, 2023
Event 23
Sneaky ways SaaS vendors are increasing prices
A look at the subtle ways in which some software vendors are raising costs
Author 23
Aimee Manning
Mar 13th, 2023
Event 24
Redundant apps: What they are & how they’re driving up your SaaS spend
How feature overlap can come at a cost to your business
Author 24
Aimee Manning
Mar 2nd, 2023
Event 25
Why sales leaders shouldn’t be negotiating SaaS contracts
Sales tools account for a fifth of all SaaS spend, yet have the lowest utilization rates
Author 25
Aimee Manning
Feb 22nd, 2023
Event 26
How to reduce the cost of your revenue stack
Insights into how vendors price their tools and guidance on how to secure the best price on your RevStack
Author 26
Paula Morales
Feb 7th, 2023
Event 27
What you can do about rising SaaS prices
How to protect your business from soaring SaaS costs
Author 27
Aimee Manning
Jan 26th, 2023
Event 28
The importance of pricing benchmarks in software negotiations
How to find out what other companies are paying for SaaS and use it as leverage
Author 28
Aimee Manning
Jan 17th, 2023
Event 29
Unmanaged SaaS applications: The risks, costs + solutions
Our top recommendations for managing your growing SaaS stack
Author 29
Anna Markowska
Jan 12th, 2023
Event 30
How to future-proof your business with SaaS cost reduction
Proven ways to optimize your SaaS spend
Author 30
Aimee Manning
Jan 5th, 2023
Event 31
2023 SaaS trends: our predictions for the New Year
What we're expecting to see across the SaaS industry in 2023
Author 31
Joel Windels
Dec 21st, 2022
Event 32
Why you need SaaS purchasing software
Save time and money when buying, managing and renewing SaaS
Author 32
Aimee Manning
Dec 14th, 2022
Event 33
Reasons to consider a multi-year SaaS contract
Get more from your SaaS spend with longer-term contracts
Author 33
Anna Markowska
Dec 1st, 2022
Event 34
SaaS renewals: strategies for negotiating better contract terms
Secure the best possible terms on your software renewals
Author 34
Aimee Manning
Oct 26th, 2022
Event 35
Software negotiation tactics: Tips from the experts
Gain the leverage you need to secure the best possible terms on your SaaS contracts
Author 35
Aimee Manning
Oct 14th, 2022
Event 36
How to streamline your procurement process
A guide for procurement teams to navigate today’s biggest obstacles and take control of SaaS purchasing
Author 36
Aimee Manning
Oct 3rd, 2022
Event 37
SaaS spend optimization: proven ways to reduce software costs
Everything you need to know about managing SaaS spend, from procurement to renewals
Author 37
Aimee Manning
Sep 21st, 2022
Event 38
Why SaaS companies are moving away from B2B freemium plans
The freemium model can be a double-edged sword, and many B2B SaaS companies are rethinking this approach
Author 38
Elise Howard
Jun 29th, 2022
Event 39
Why is it so hard to get transparent SaaS pricing?
The need for visibility into the cost of software
Author 39
Joel Windels
May 13th, 2022