Product Update: Usage Analytics with advanced user insights

Now you can see every user for every app running in your organization

Alex Anstett | JUN 15, 2023

4 min read

Beyond discovering the applications used across your organization, how do you know exactly who is using these tools without authorization? Let’s say you’ve purchased 500 licenses for your new collaboration tool — which users are these licenses being assigned to and are they the right users for the application?

Usage Analytics was launched to provide business leaders with key insights into how SaaS is being used within their organization, enabling them to rightsize their contracts and eliminate wasted spend. We’re excited to announce recent updates that will bring a wide range of more granular insights to inform your SaaS purchasing strategy.

User-level insights

The latest update to the Usage Analytics feature enables access to user-level data for every application used across your organization.

Beyond seeing only aggregated usage data, you can now zoom in to view users by name, view their login frequency and when they last accessed an application.

Foster application adoption

User-level insights gives department leaders a much clearer picture of utilization rates for each application, making it easy to determine where license counts need to be adjusted or where other action is needed to encourage higher adoption rates for specific applications.

Rather than sending generalized communications to all employees requesting that they use the tools they’re intended to, these insights allow for a targeted and efficient approach to usage adoption — ultimately helping ensure that your business is maximizing the value of its investment in SaaS.

Discover the right tools

User-level insights provide critical quantitative and qualitative data that can support your business case for buying new tools.

Let’s say your business wants to implement HubSpot for marketing automation, for example. Through Usage Analytics, you can see how many users are already accessing the tool without your organization’s official authorization.

With the new user view, you can pinpoint specific users to engage with so you can understand how they are using HubSpot and why they prefer it to alternatives. Subsequently, you can compare usage against alternative tools that may be used by other team members and follow the same research process to justify which marketing automation tool should be formally introduced.

Putting these insights into practice for your SaaS purchasing strategy enables decision makers to select the right tools for their teams with a high degree of confidence that team members will actually use and benefit from these tools.

Optimize SaaS spend

For CFOs responsible for running cost-efficient organizations, deciding which tools to eliminate or scale up is difficult when there’s no clear understanding of why certain tools are under or overutilized.

These new usage insights enable more effective collaboration between finance teams and department leads so they can make data-driven decisions for their SaaS stacks based on how much impact each tool is having..

This gives finance leaders more confidence to cut costs without sacrificing productivity and strengthens conversations around budget cuts or upgrade approvals.

Manage security and compliance risks

For IT leaders, the new users view makes it easy to curb compliance and security risks by highlighting where specific users are engaging with applications your business has either not authorized or not formally granted access to for that particular user.

This feature enables IT leaders to identify and engage with users to understand why someone is using an application without authorization before outright shutting down access.

How it works

When you connect the Vertice platform via SAML-SSO integration, you can securely track aggregated usage data, such as total active users, by default, or you can manually enable tracking for individual user activity by toggling “Capture User Data” during setup. This gives you full control over what usage information you want to display.

To learn more about how we can help your business save on SaaS and improve your understanding of how SaaS is used across your business, request a demo with a Vertice rep to discuss your SaaS needs and how we can help.

If you’re already working with us, you can contact your customer success manager through the Vertice dashboard to set up Usage Analytics for your account.

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