Product launch: All the power of Vertice, now for the cloud

Cloud Cost Optimization is a new offering from Vertice that empowers businesses to cut cloud spending by as much as 25%.

Emily Glover | SEP 20, 2023

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You’ve helped us reduce our SaaS spend, now can you do the same for our cloud?

With cloud costs rising by an average of 35% year-on-year — and in some cases by a staggering 500% – it’s become clear that tackling cloud costs has become a huge priority. A huge number of our customers have requested expertise, support, and technology that will help them take control of their cloud spend. So that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Today we’re excited to introduce Cloud Cost Optimization, a new platform from Vertice that empowers businesses to cut cloud spending by as much as 25%. In a world-first, Vertice is now the only purchasing platform that enables customers to reduce both their SaaS and cloud spending in one place.

“SaaS and cloud costs are two major cost-saving priorities for finance leaders, so giving our customers the opportunity to bring them together in a single platform is a major step forward in our mission to help companies save significant amounts of time and money.”

Eldar Tuvey, CEO & Co-Founder of Vertice

The growing need to optimize cloud costs

Finance and tech leaders urgently need an effective solution to control their cloud spending.

In our 2024 Cloud Spend Report (launching next week) we found that 50% of organizations are struggling to scale cloud usage efficiently as they grow.


  • It’s almost impossible to get a clear picture of what your organization is spending on the cloud every month
  • Cloud spend is incredibly volatile: 52% of companies are exceeding budgets by more than 20%
  • Identifying and resolving every instance of wasted cloud spend is complex and time-consuming, even with a dedicated team
  • Negotiating with cloud vendors and managing Reserved Instance commitments is a full-time job.

We have designed our Cloud Cost Optimization platform to solve these problems.

Informed by a deep understanding of the problems faced by finance teams, it provides organizations with real-time visibility of their cloud spend and uses automation to identify cost-saving opportunities, driving huge time and cost-savings.

Unlike other cloud optimization platforms that either focus on cloud cost visibility or on managing discount plans on a company’s behalf, Vertice elevates every element of cloud cost optimization.

See everything you’re spending on the cloud,
in one place

To implement an effective cloud cost-saving strategy, businesses need total visibility of their cloud spend, but this can be frustrating and time-consuming without a dedicated tool. This is largely because they are reliant on tech teams to demonstrate cloud efficiency.

With Cloud Cost Optimization, this no longer needs to be a challenge. Vertice breaks down cloud costs into a single dashboard, giving you unparalleled insights into your usage, contract details, and renewal dates. It also highlights potential savings opportunities, so you have the data you need to accurately forecast and improve cloud efficiency.

Save time with automatic savings recommendations

Customers have told us that trying to assess the efficiency of their cloud environments is one of the hardest parts of cloud cost optimization. This is because it’s typically a manual and specialist process, relying on heavy lifting from technical experts.

With 75+ optimization tests across 40+ AWS products, Vertice automates this process, providing you with actionable recommendations to cut wastage and costs in minutes. Unlike other cloud optimization products, Vertice takes almost no effort at all — freeing you up for more important tasks.

Manage AWS’s Enterprise Discount Programme (EDP) with ease

Buying and selling Reserved Instances is the foundation of a successful FinOps strategy, but most organizations don’t have the time or expertise to effectively manage complex discount plans.

Our Reserved Instance Optimizer automates buying and selling Reserved Instances, saving you up to 60% in compute spend.

Get bigger savings by bringing cloud and SaaS spending together

With the launch of Cloud Cost Optimization, companies now have the tools to effectively tackle the problem of both SaaS and cloud spending. By streamlining, simplifying, and segmenting cloud and SaaS spend into a single platform, CFOs and CTOs can tackle the tricky problem of ballooning expenses and develop smart strategies to save millions of dollars every year.

Ready to save up to 25% on your cloud spend? Learn more about Cloud Cost Optimization or speak to our team today.

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