Product Update: Workflows, SSO and Renewal Calendar Upgrades

Enhanced workflow features and an improved user experience to help you manage your SaaS stack

Joel Windels | NOV 28, 2022

3 min read

SaaS moves fast, especially in nascent markets where innovative startups dominate over slower-moving legacy vendors. For early adopters of new technologies, it means getting access to a regular stream of updates, upgrades and expanded functionality.

At Vertice it’s no different. As the vendor with the highest percentage of headcount dedicated to software development in the sector, our customers can enjoy new features at a breakneck cadence. In the past week alone, three improvements have been made to our platform.

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Enhanced workflows

One of the biggest headaches when managing the purchasing or renewals of SaaS contracts is navigating the various internal stakeholders involved. Influence typically sits across several individuals and departments, with finance leaders managing budget requirements, IT teams assessing systems and compliance considerations, and department heads selecting based on functionality. It’s a complex web of decision making and, even with the best intentions, it can be a struggle to keep processes streamlined.

The improved workflow features in Vertice allow users to assign contract owners for every SaaS product in the technology stack. These are directly linked to the approval process, making it significantly easier to manage the purchasing cycle.

The functionality also includes smart threshold features. Multiple approvers can be assigned based on different financial limits, helping to automate the sign-off on discounted software. While approvers greenlight any negotiated savings, it’s also possible to assign contract watchers, which notifies key stakeholders about progress on particular buying cycles and keeps the wider business informed — all the while reducing workloads.

Renewal calendar

Getting visibility on upcoming renewals is often a challenge. Proposals are regularly lost in inboxes and distributed responsibility means that, for most organizations, no single person or department has a clear view of the entire SaaS stack.

The Vertice dashboard is built to address this issue. An important module has been optimized, visualizing your renewals cycle in a simple, digestible format. Vertice users can get insights into upcoming renewals in a heartbeat, helping to provide a more strategic and proactive approach to negotiating with vendors.

Single sign-on

Cloud identity and access management is a critical component for most modern enterprises. It helps bolster both security and usability for employees, granting users an elegant way to access the tools they need to be productive.

Updates to the Vertice platform now mean that all major SSO providers are supported, including Google, Microsoft, Okta and other SAML identity technologies.

If you’d like to know more about any of these features and are already a Vertice customer, please get in touch with your account manager.

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