SaaS management for IT & Security teams

Outsource the tiresome process of negotiating and renewing SaaS to the experts, so you can focus on your organization’s security and compliance priorities.

Focus on provisioning software,
not procuring it

Strategic purchasing is a time-intensive process, from vetting and dealing with multiple vendors to staying on top of service renewals over the course of the year.

In addition to streamlining and simplifying the entire procurement process, Vertice consolidates all of your organization’s SaaS contracts under one dashboard.

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Pricing data intelligence

Our service is backed by exclusive data on thousands of SaaS transactions

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Leverage for your team

Vertice helps finance teams drive better results with higher efficiency

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Visibility into your full stack

A 360° view of your SaaS stack and renewal schedule, in one central location

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Streamlined approvals

A quick and painless process that ensures legal compliance every step of the way

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Extensive integrations

Vertice integrates with all major ERP finance and contract management systems

Full visibility of your SaaS stack

Take control of your SaaS stack through one portal.

Our dashboard provides comprehensive yet easy visibility and management for all your software contracts. We track your full renewal cycle, meaning you’ll never miss a deadline. Assign watchers and approvers to receive notifications as a deal progresses, ensuring full visibility across the board.

Reduce SaaS stack chaos

Unsure of which teams use which apps? Lost track of SaaS contract renewal dates? That’s why we bring everything into one centralized dashboard for smoother operations and easier decision-making.

The 360° view includes contract details and renewal dates for all of your software, meaning you can spend less time chasing down stakeholders and more time on the work that matters.

Streamline reviews and approvals

Set up workflows to keep your organization’s SaaS purchasing process organized.

Reduce cycle time when renewing or entering into new contracts by assigning stakeholders to watchlists. Users receive email notifications to keep them updated throughout a contract’s progression, ensuring that your team stays aligned every step of the way.

Vertice in action

How we recently helped a technology company save big on their SaaS costs.

See how much you could save with Vertice

Use our calculator to estimate how much time and money your business could save on SaaS by using Vertice.

Number of employees
Number of applications
$181,481cost savings
43hours saved
Annual Cloud Spend
Number of Cloud Engineers
$11cost savings
2hours saved
$181,492cost savings
45hours saved

Average Savings


Average contracts per customer


SaaS contracts negotiated

$300 million+

Total contract value

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Businesses spend over $150 billion annually on SaaS, across more than 15,000 software vendors. The odds are that you’re overpaying by as much as 20% per year for SaaS.

On top of that, buying, renewing, negotiating and managing your company’s SaaS stack are all major headaches.

We’re here to fix that.