Get all the benefits without
disrupting your workflow


Seamlessly integrate your essential apps to manage your SaaS and cloud spend from one central location.
Access Management & Usage Monitoring

Discover all the tools in your SaaS stack and monitor usage

Unlock usage data and identify licenses under utilization via login data. Find out who is using which tools.

Accounting & ERP

Complete the picture on SaaS spend

Synchronize approval process and discover undocumented SaaS. Leverage historical context to predict SaaS spend more accurately. Initiate new purchases and renewals.


Stay informed and take actions on contracts from your comfort zone

Instant alerts on important contract updates. Review key contract information and make approvals in one click.


Unify all of your spend in one platform

Granular visibility into all cloud spend. Accurate cost of serve. Budget with confidence. Drive automated savings.


Be in the know throughout the entire procurement cycle

Integrate and sync approval tasks. Stay ahead with status monitoring. Provide visibility to stakeholders.


Elevate collaboration in your team

Include the right people in your workflows. Onboard your team members with ease.


Project manage without interruptions

Connect tickets and sync statuses. Ensure uninterrupted execution of existing processes.

Savings you never knew were possible

SaaS and cloud spend ramping up faster than your business can manage?

Let’s talk about how we can help you fix that.