Automated Savings

The intelligent way to
optimize your cloud


Take advantage of sophisticated continuous optimizations that make it incredibly simple to streamline your cloud spend.

One-third of all cloud spend goes to waste


The complexity of cloud infrastructure leads to numerous inefficiencies over time. Identifying and eliminating these takes up valuable engineering resources.
Our technology takes away the burden from your tech team, automatically discovers inefficiencies and continuously optimizes.
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Reserved Instance Optimizer (RIO)

Clever algorithms that are engineered to buy and sell reserved instances on your behalf, continuously monitoring your usage.

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Continuous Recommendation Engine

Benefit from 75+ automated optimizations that continuously identify cost saving opportunities for you across your whole cloud environment.

Reserved Instance Optimizer (RIO)

Cut your compute spend by up to 60%

RIO eliminates the burden of manually managing discount commitments and automatically optimizes your Reserved Instance coverage leveraging sophisticated algorithms.

Reserved Instances are a powerful tool to achieve discounted rates on your compute spend. However, manually monitoring your usage across hundreds or thousands of instances to select the right RIs, can quickly become a full-time job and rarely achieves optimum coverage.

Our advanced algorithm buy and sell RIs on your behalf based on your unique requirements and usage trends. Covering all of your compute services including EC2, RDS, OSS, ELC and Redshift.

You stay in charge with granular control of your RI inventory, coverage and utilization in one place.

Continuous Recommendation Engine

Identify cost-saving opportunities in a heartbeat

Cloud environments are complex and you want your tech team to focus on forward looking initiatives instead of on identifying cost inefficiencies.

With more than 75 unique optimization tests, we continuously test your environment for cost saving opportunities. We give you a comprehensive overview of where optimizations are possible, the exact savings potential and how much engineering effort is required. Vertice provides the insights you need to prioritize and cut costs effectively.

Each recommendation is designed for minimal engineering effort and contains a detailed step-by-step implementation guide, streamlining each task for your team. The optimization tests cover over 40 services, are uniquely customized for your infrastructure and are built on decades of expertise optimizing large scale multi-cloud environments.

Ready to cut your cloud spend by up to 25%?

Over $1 million is wasted each year by the average organization. This no longer has to be the case.

Your cloud costs don’t need to be sky high. Discover the new industry standard for cost-effective cloud management.