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Vertice Named #1 in Early-Stage UK SaaS Startups to Watch

This article profiles 50 UK-based SaaS companies to watch this year, from established firms to emerging startups innovating in this space.
By Beauhurst
Dec 15, 2022
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Runaway cloud spending frustrates finance execs: Vertice
Finance leaders are almost three times as likely to be concerned about cloud costs than their tech peers, and more than twice as likely to be worried about cloud visibility, a Vertice study found.
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Software Spend Is Surging: What Can A Business Do?
Unlike anywhere else across our economy, the cost of software has soared. How can businesses ensure they are leveraging the right tools for the job while avoiding hidden, unexpected and rising costs?
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How to cut your SaaS spending by 30% in 2023
The current state of affairs paints a concerning picture for SaaS buyers. These would be worrying figures in any economy, but for CFOs attempting to drive growth during an economic downturn, soaring software costs should be ringing alarm bells.
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Which SaaS products are getting cut?
Joel Windels, VP of marketing at SaaS management tool Vertice, tells Sifted that while sales and marketing platforms are growing fast, many companies are now also renegotiating contracts with software providers as they try to cut costs.