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Over 90% of companies overpay for project collaboration software: Report

SaaS purchasing platform Vertice reports that enterprises are overpaying between an average of 20%-30% for collaboration tools.
Oct 25, 2022
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Vertice named a top SaaS company in the UK
Their experience, pricing data, and intimate knowledge of the mechanics of SaaS renewals enable Vertice to streamline entire SaaS procurement processes and provide visibility to make informed business decisions.
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Announcing our $26m series A funding with launch of new platform
Vertice emerges from stealth with public release of its SaaS purchasing solution
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Brother duo raises $26 million to help businesses lower software spend
Designed to help businesses intelligently reduce their annual software spend by 20-30%, Vertice streamlines the purchasing process and addresses the continuous uptick in the cost of SaaS applications