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Brother duo raises $26 million to help businesses lower software spend

Designed to help businesses intelligently reduce their annual software spend by 20-30%, Vertice streamlines the purchasing process and addresses the continuous uptick in the cost of SaaS applications
May 18, 2022
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How to cut your SaaS spending by 30% in 2023
The current state of affairs paints a concerning picture for SaaS buyers. These would be worrying figures in any economy, but for CFOs attempting to drive growth during an economic downturn, soaring software costs should be ringing alarm bells.
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HR SaaS prices rise, especially for new implementations
The cost of implementing new HR SaaS software is on the rise as contractor wages increase. HR software prices are going up overall, requiring sharper negotiation skills.
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Vertice launches powerful new usage analytics and discovery tools
Updates to Vertice’s SaaS purchasing platform help businesses map their tech stack and identify under-utilized subscriptions
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Vertice Named #1 in Early-Stage UK SaaS Startups to Watch
This article profiles 50 UK-based SaaS companies to watch this year, from established firms to emerging startups innovating in this space.