Live workshop with Amazon Web Services

Every finance leader knows that cloud spending is out of control, but how do you deliver a strategy that *actually* moves the needle? And without hampering innovation and growth?

Join this workshop where Mark Zaytsev, Customer Optimization & Acceleration Specialist at AWS will lean on his experience in supporting 100s of AWS customers around the world to reveal how the most cost-efficient organizations successfully control their cloud spend without restricting performance.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The most common AWS cloud cost optimization mistakes Mark sees
  • The most effective – and often little-known – steps the most cost-efficient organizations take to reduce cloud spend without damaging innovation
  • How to build a culture of cost-awareness around cloud spending
  • How to best take advantage of technology to deliver maximum ROI

Featured Speakers

If you want to learn how to control your cloud spending from true experts in the industry, here’s your chance!

  • Mark Zaytsev, Customer Optimization & Acceleration at AWS, lives and breathes cloud cost optimization. He supports technology and finance leaders at 100s of organizations big and small in making their cloud spending more sustainable.
  • Josh Wigmore, VP of Product, has led product teams at disruptors like Apple and what3words and now leads Vertice in its mission to be the ultimate platform for companies looking to get ROI on SaaS and cloud spend.
May 29th
3:00 PM UK
10:00 AM EST
Cloud cost optimization is broken: Here’s how to fix it