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Discover your complete stack, renegotiate your purchases and eliminate wasted licenses.
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Discovery &

Automatically detect the software your business already uses and start uncovering unwanted tooling and shadow IT.


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Auditing and Usage Analytics

Analysis of your contracts and environment will identify wasted licenses and overpriced SaaS.


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Negotiation and renewals

Your entire renewal calendar is mapped and proactively managed, helping you get a better deal with each one.


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Optimization and contracting

New purchases and ongoing usage are continually supported, ensuring the best possible value on SaaS.


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Discovery & Onboarding

Illuminate your entire SaaS stack

Using intelligent tooling and by working with your team, we’ll sort your entire SaaS stack into one simple dashboard.

We integrate with your identity provider to uncover and organize the dozens of SaaS products your organization uses — including the ones you might not even know about. You can also use simple upload features and work with our expert team to get a detailed view of your entire stack.

This gives you easy access to all your contract information and renewal dates, all in one place, saving time and streamlining your processes.

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Auditing & Analytics

Find out where you’re overspending and under using

The next step is to analyze your SaaS stack. Using our detailed and exhaustive database of more than 16,000 vendors, we can compare price points and contracts to identify.

We conduct a full inspection of your SaaS contracts, taking into account your pricing, licenses and payment terms with each vendor.

Through direct integrations with major SSO providers, we measure usage rates throughout your organization.

This enables us to identify any instances of over-licensing or duplicate applications, where you have more than one application serving the same basic purpose.

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Negotiation & Renewals

Get much better pricing on your software

Prior to any upcoming contract renewal, our team of negotiators will revisit your existing agreement with the vendor and detail any revisions to your terms and license counts based on the findings in the audit phase.

Once any wasted spend has been addressed, the next step is to ensure that you’re paying the best possible price. This is where Vertice’s pricing database of thousands of SaaS transactions comes into play.

There is a high degree of disparity in the amounts companies pay for the same services. Vertice’s team of expert negotiators leverages real pricing data to determine the fairest pricing, based on how much a particular vendor charges companies similar to yours per license. We also look for any other opportunities to secure discounts by exploring options like term length or removing add-ons your business doesn’t need.

Optimization & Contracting

Simple workflows and streamlined contracts

We continue monitoring your renewal schedule over the course of the year and keep you notified throughout each stage of any contract we’re working on.

To keep your internal team in the loop, you can easily set up workflows to add any watchers and approvers for specific contracts, and we’ll send updates straight to their inboxes. Our dashboard makes it easy for you to keep track of your overall spend and savings.

You can get added insights on your contracts too, helping you identify and alter specific terms of each contract you sign. The Diligence Insights module will also make security audits and compliance with new vendors a much quicker and simpler process.

For any new software your business needs or if you’d like to explore alternatives to vendors you’re currently working with, you can search for vendors directly within the portal.

Smarter SaaS Spend

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