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Take advantage of newfound time and resources. Free up your annual SaaS budget and team bandwidth.

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Take the complexity out of your tech stack and reduce spend, without interrupting your rapid workflows.

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Centralize your SaaS contracts across different countries. Gain visibility and control over your entire network.

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Minimize unnecessary spend and save endless cycles, so your people can focus on scaling up your business.


For any team

For Finance Teams

Revolutionize your budget with a SaaS purchasing solution that enables visibility into your stack and reduces your annual software spend.

For Procurement Teams

Supercharge your procurement process by leveraging expert negotiators backed by real pricing data from thousands of SaaS transactions.

For IT & Security Teams

Outsource the tiresome process of negotiating and renewing SaaS to the experts, so you can focus on your organization’s security and compliance priorities.

For Sales Teams

Get more value from the tools your business uses to connect with customers. We’ll handle the rest, like negotiating with SaaS vendors and managing your renewals.

For HR Teams

Get more value from the tools you use to manage your workforce, from recruitment to payroll. Regain valuable time by letting our expert team handle your SaaS contract renewals, negotiate with vendors on your behalf, and streamline your approvals process.

For Marketing Teams

Focus on getting the most value from the SaaS tools you use to get your business’ name out there. Let us handle the rest — like negotiating with vendors, managing renewals and handling the approval process.

Geographically distributed

For Financial Services Companies

Worldwide, SaaS spend is projected to increase by 40% by the end of 2022.

There are a number of factors driving this continuing upward trend. As companies grow, they require more tools and more licenses. But the prices charged by vendors remain very opaque, leading to major disparities in how much companies are charged at the initial point of purchase, and how much their prices increase with each renewal.

The multitude of vendors and a universally complex purchasing process have made life substantially harder than it should be for finance and procurement teams. This causes inefficient workflows and leaves companies unequipped to approach SaaS procurement strategically.

Vertice transforms SaaS purchasing into an informed, strategic process, helping you maximize the value of your SaaS investments.

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For Software Technology Companies

Tech companies utilize more SaaS applications than companies in other sectors. This comes with a packed renewal schedule, a wide pool of vendors to deal with, and frequent requests for new tools — not to mention a high annual SaaS spend.

Vertice instantly transforms SaaS purchasing into a streamlined workflow. We consolidate all the information of your tech stack into one dashboard that tracks your spend and renewal dates.

To help you get the most value of your SaaS investments, we negotiate with vendors on your behalf to get you the best pricing for all your renewals and new purchases — saving your team the complexity and time requirements of dealing with multiple different vendors across every stage of every deal.

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For International Companies

SaaS stacks tend to be complex for global companies, with multiple licenses across multiple vendors and high degrees of duplication (having more than one tool for the same basic service).

Vertice brings your full SaaS stack together in one dashboard, providing comprehensive insights of your global SaaS spend and licenses. With this level of visibility, you can make informed decisions to consolidate your stack and instill greater harmony across the applications your teams use to communicate and collaborate.

Our team of experts negotiates with vendors on your behalf to get you the best pricing on all your purchases and renewals, and can help you centralize any contracts for applications you’re paying for in more than one country.

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For Fast-Growth Companies

While SaaS purchasing is a critical process, the process itself shouldn’t be a priority for your business.

Keeping up with your company’s renewal schedule is an intensive task on its own. And multiple SaaS vendors means multiple different contacts to negotiate with, varied approval processes, and very little time to evaluate how cost effective your SaaS stack could actually be.

Vertice takes all the heavy lifting out of SaaS purchasing, saving your business money and time at the same time. Our team of experts handles all correspondence and negotiations with vendors on your behalf, ensuring you get the best value in all your contracts.

With full visibility into your SaaS stack and spend, we provide you with the means to make informed decisions about your company’s software investments. We put these decisions into action, so your people can focus on scaling up your business.

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