Usage Analytics & Discovery

Gain insights into how SaaS is being
used across your organization


Now both finance and technology leaders can get the visibility they need to scale efficiently.

Take the guesswork
out of your SaaS stack


Identifying and eliminating wasted spend is a constant uphill battle.
Unless you’re working with the right tools.
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Through direct integrations with major SSO providers, we provide a full view of your SaaS contracts, breaking down your spend, license counts and software usage.

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We flag any instances of over-licensing and duplicate or unused applications, enabling us to identify cost-savings opportunities across your stack.

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Combined with our pricing intelligence, we use these findings to deliver savings across your contracts as we manage your renewals throughout the year.

Visibility & control

Granular insights for granular control

Designed to help you make informed decisions about your stack, Vertice Usage Analytics provides comprehensive and convenient visibility into software usage across your business.

Discover gaps in your SaaS stack based on which tools your users are already engaging with outside of formal approval. Easily identify where action is needed to encourage adoption for specific tools among specific users.

User-level insights

Delve deeper with user-level insights

Access user-level insights for all your applications so you can gather critical quantitative and qualitative data to make intelligent decisions for your SaaS stack.

Manage security and compliance risks by detecting where users are engaging with unauthorized applications and understand how to map them to approved tools for their needs.

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Optimize license allocations

Determine where you’re paying for more licenses than your business needs and where you may need to scale up.

The discovery functionality can identify potential tool duplication — where multiple departments are using products with similar utility. This indicates opportunities for consolidating contracts to right-size your overall SaaS mix.

Usage Analytics in action


Real results our customers have achieved with Usage Analytics.
$32,933 saved
by eliminating unused apps

During their setup of the Usage Analytics feature, a customer discovered two applications that were not tracked anywhere else in their records and had a usage rate of zero. Canceling contracts for these unneeded applications put nearly $33k back in their budget.

35% reduction
in over-usage costs

A customer realized they were incurring substantial charges for seats beyond their contracted agreement, which had a full year left before renewal. After exploring mid-term adjustment options with the vendor, we reduced this over-usage cost by 35%.

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