Miro pricing: How to secure a discount

Guidance on how to get the best possible deal on your Miro purchase or renewal

Aimee Manning | OCT 24, 2023

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Having established itself as the go-to digital whiteboard tool for organizations with dispersed workforces, Miro has amassed a customer base of more than 60 million users, including 95% of Fortune 100 companies.

So, if you’re considering signing up to the platform, you’re certainly in good company.

The question is, how much does it cost? And just how likely are you to secure a discount?

Here’s everything you need to know about Miro’s pricing.

How much does Miro cost?

The first thing to note is that Miro offers users a freemium pricing model, meaning that there is a basic version of the software package available for free. For organizations wanting a more advanced plan, however, prices start from $8 per user, per month.

But what exactly do these plans entail?

Miro pricing plans

In addition to Miro’s free tier, the vendor specifically offers three paid pricing editions suitable for different usage needs. As with many SaaS providers though, Miro is only transparent about the pricing for two of these three plans, choosing to obscure its enterprise-grade price point.

Let’s take a closer look at what we can learn from the Miro pricing page.

Miro Pricing


The free Miro plan offers users a single workspace with up to three boards. Free users can access a standard library of templates and core integrations, while collaborating on boards with an unlimited number of team members.


The first of Miro’s paid plans is Starter, which costs $8 per member, per month, when billed annually, or $10 per member billed on a monthly basis. Starter includes the basic functionality of Free as well as unlimited boards, high-res exports, unlimited visitors, custom templates and more.


The more advanced Miro Business plan costs $16 per member, per month, when billed annually, or $20 per member on a monthly billing cycle. Business includes the full functionality of Starter in addition to business-level collaboration tools such as Miro Smart Diagramming and Video Chat. Users can choose from a wider variety of roles for collaboration and access an unlimited number of workspaces.


Finally, Miro Enterprise is the plan recommended for larger organizations with the most advanced needs. It offers all the functionality of the Business tier, as well as additional services for support, security and control, and scaling. As with many enterprise-level plans, prospective customers will need to contact the Miro sales team for a personalized quote.

While this approach in obscuring enterprise-grade pricing is the norm for SaaS providers, it can make it more challenging to find out how much you should expect to pay.

Without any frame of reference on what other companies are being quoted, it becomes difficult to know whether you’re getting a good deal — or whether the Enterprise pricing edition will even be within the scope of your budget.

So, what are your options for gaining insight into Miro Enterprise pricing?

Searching the internet

Your first option is to search online for any threads, forums or other accounts of what subscribing companies are paying for their Miro Enterprise plan.

After a quick search, we found this comment on a Reddit thread from a company rep claiming to pay $500 per user per year, equating to around $42 per month.

Miro enterprise pricing

Elsewhere, an article from RevPilots claims that Miro Enterprise costs $300 per user, per year, or $25 per month.

Miro enterprise pricing

Together, quotes like these can provide a ballpark figure addressing how much you might pay for a Miro Enterprise subscription. However, each account gives a significantly different figure, reflecting a difference in cost that will quickly add up if you have many users active on your subscription.

Based on this intel, RevPilots could well be correct to say that pricing starts at $300 per user per year, but if the Reddit thread is anything to go by, it certainly doesn’t end there.

This is the problem with sourcing pricing information from unverified online sources. The information you find can quickly become unreliable as pricing parameters change, and depending on where you source your information, different accounts tend to contradict one another.

So, is there another way to get up-to-date, accurate information about Miro Enterprise pricing?

Yes, by talking to Vertice. Our extensive database of vendor pricing benchmarks includes the transactional data from SaaS vendors across all verticals, Miro costs included. But we’ll get to that shortly.

Can you get a discount on Miro pricing?

Looking at the pricing information that is publicly available for Miro, we see that the vendor is relatively transparent in comparison to other SaaS providers, even if enterprise-level pricing information is lacking.

But regardless of the type of plan you’re looking to subscribe to, the price you see online isn’t necessarily set in stone — and there could be a discounted rate to be had.

For example, Miro offers a specific Education plan which is free for all institution staff and students who sign up. If you’re a business customer, you won’t meet this criteria — but according to our data, Miro has a relatively low pricing parity score, meaning that companies with similar usage requirements end up paying significantly different amounts for their subscriptions.

This suggests that there is a high possibility for a discount when you negotiate with the vendor. But to succeed at the negotiation stage, you’ll need to deploy a strong software negotiation strategy. Here are some of our recommendations.

Tips for negotiating with Miro

Allow enough time for negotiation

It’s always wise to allow yourself generous lead time to research and gather the leverage you need to secure a good deal, whether you’re purchasing Miro for the first time or renewing your subscription.

This will provide the opportunity for you to put together the best possible case to bring to negotiations. Plus, software providers in general are likely to be less flexible in the terms they offer if they realize that you’ve left it late to negotiate and need a fast turnaround.

So, if you have an approaching project that could benefit from Miro, or a pending subscription renewal date, consider negotiating your plan well in advance of this deadline to secure the best possible deal.

Sign up for a longer subscription period

For each of its Starter and Business plans, Miro offers commitment savings of 20% to users who opt to be billed annually rather than monthly. So, when negotiating your contract, signing up for a longer period will secure you a discounted fee.

But the savings might not end there. According to our findings, SaaS vendors tend to offer businesses an extra 5% discount for each additional year they sign up for. So, if you’ve used Miro before and know that it’s the right platform for your project, inquiring about a multi-year subscription could yield significant savings.

SaaS vendors tend to offer an extra 5% discount for each additional year they sign up for

Leverage pricing benchmarks

As we’ve discussed, the best kind of negotiation leverage is intel into what organizations with similar needs to your own are paying. Very often, this will provide you with the opportunity to negotiate a competitive rate for your business, leveraging intel on what terms or discounts other buyers have been offered before.

This data will also help you determine whether you’re getting a good deal or need to push on in your negotiations.

But reliable pricing benchmarks are hard to come by — which is why you need Vertice.

Get the best possible deal on a Miro subscription with Vertice

Our vendor database contains the pricing and discounting data from over 16,000 global SaaS vendors, Miro included. By leveraging this data, our expert team of SaaS buyers negotiate on your behalf for contracts in the software stack, saving your business the time and resources spent researching or going back and forth with vendors.

With Vertice as your procurement partner, you can streamline the SaaS purchasing process and get the best possible return on investment for your business.

See for yourself how much you could be saving on your annual software spend, or explore some of our customer success stories to learn how we help organizations like yours regain control of their spending.

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