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What is cloud cost optimization?

Cloud cost optimization refers to the process of reducing and optimizing cloud spending, while ensuring optimal resource utilization and maintaining desired performance levels.

It ultimately involves managing cloud costs without compromising business objectives or user experience.

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Reduce your annual cloud spend by 25%

Cloud computing is a huge burden for many finance leaders. Not only are costs rising by an average of 35% year-over-year, but they’re also incredibly volatile with companies often paying 20% more than forecasted.

This doesn’t have to be the case though. With a cloud cost optimization tool such as Vertice, you can easily keep your cloud costs in check and put a stop to overspending. While our Recommendation Engine works in the background to continuously identify savings opportunities, our platform also provides:

  • Detailed recommendations and quantifiable savings estimates
  • Forecasting insights enabling you to prepare budgets and cash flow models with greater predictability

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Gain much needed visibility into your cloud costs

Despite cloud costs surging year after year, many finance leaders have very little oversight of what exactly is contributing to this spend. In fact, 44% cite it as their top cloud-related challenge.

With an effective Cloud Cost Optimization platform in place, this lack of visibility into cloud spend and usage no longer needs to be a challenge. This is because it will combine your billing and usage data into a single, simplified view, meaning you no longer need to rely on your tech team to demonstrate cloud efficiency.

Through the Vertice platform, you can specifically:

  • Understand how your spend adds up and where potential savings exist
  • See how optimized your cloud environment is at any given time
  • Receive real-time alerts where there are irregularities in your usage that could impact your costs

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Ensure continuous cloud optimizations

Cloud cost optimization is not only complex, it’s also incredibly resource-intensive. But with organizations often lacking the time required to effectively implement it, many are left spending substantially more than they need to be.

Even for the 31% of companies that do have a FinOps strategy in place, it’s near-on impossible to identify every cost-saving opportunity.

Vertice’s Cloud Cost Optimization leverages more than 75 sophisticated optimization tests with coverage across 40+ AWS products, including EC2, Lambda, S3 and RDS. From here, you will be provided with detailed recommendations with quantifiable saving estimates. Best of all, these recommendations are actionable, automated and designed for minimal engineering effort.

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Automatically maximize your AWS discounts

AWS discount commitments may have the potential to drive significant cost savings, but the management of these commitments is often time-consuming and complex. As a result, many companies either miss out on the opportunity altogether due to lack of resources, or end up incurring financial penalties by failing to fulfill their obligations.

Whether you’re using Reserved Instances (RIs) or AWS’ EDP, Vertice can manage the process for you.

Firstly, through continuous monitoring of your AWS usage trends, our platform can identify idle and under-utilized resources, using this insight to trade RIs on your behalf, saving you up to 60% on your AWS EC2 spend.

Similarly, by continuously monitoring your EDP utilization, we’re not only able to provide you with full visibility of your ongoing usage and inform you of how you’re tracking against AWS’ break even points, but we can also leverage our benchmark data and expertise to negotiate the highest savings and best possible terms./span>

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