Jamf pricing: How to secure a discount

How to drive down the cost of a Jamf subscription

Aimee Manning | JUL 25, 2023

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With a G2 rating of 4.7 stars, a TrustRadius score of 9.30/10 and a customer base made up of 71,000 active users, it comes as no surprise that mobile device management solution, Jamf, is a clear leader in its space.

So, if you’re looking to safeguard your organization’s Apple IT infrastructure, the company is certainly a viable option.

As with any new software application though, cost is likely to be a key consideration. The problem is, with SaaS prices continuing to rise across the board – and at a rate that is far outpacing general inflation – you need to be doing all you can to drive down your spend.

Which raises the question of just how much Jamf costs. And whether or not it’s possible to get a discount.

Here’s everything you need to know about Jamf’s pricing.

How much does Jamf cost?

Jamf differs from many software providers in that it gives you the option to subscribe to its individual products, as opposed to having to subscribe to one of its more comprehensive business plans.

Unsurprisingly, this means that the cost of a Jamf subscription can vary substantially, depending on what it is you’re requiring.

Let’s take a closer look at the different plans on offer so that you can determine which might be the best fit for your business.

Jamf products

While the company provides clear price points for each of its individual products, it is worth keeping in mind that device minimums do apply, which can ultimately influence the potential cost of a subscription.

But what are the starting prices?

Jamf Pro pricing

Jamf Pro Pricing

Jamf Pro provides end-to-end Apple device management, enabling organizations to remotely configure and deploy their Apple device fleet. Pro costs $3.67 per device, per month, and provides a range of customized security features, device setting configurations and software restrictions suitable for use in business and education settings.

Jamf Connect pricing

Jamf Connect Pricing

Costing $4 per device, per month, Jamf Connect empowers organizations with a set of authentication features including password sync, SSO and split tunneling.

Jamf Protect pricing

Jamf Protect Pricing

Jamf Protect is priced at $6 per device, per month, and provides users with an Apple product security solution that includes web threat prevention, content filtering, and a suite of visibility and monitoring tools to ensure regulatory compliance.

Jamf business plans

In addition to its individual product subscriptions, Jamf does also give users the option to subscribe to one of its three business plans, each of which offers scalable access to a range of its different security products.

The question is, how much will these plans set you back?

Jamf Pricing

Jamf Now pricing

The first business plan, Jamf Now, can also be purchased as an individual product subscription. Jamf Now costs $4 per device, per month, with no number of minimum users. The first three devices on the plan can be managed for free, after which users pay for each additional managed device. Jamf Now offers streamlined management and basic security features for user protection.

Jamf Business pricing

The most popular plan on offer is Jamf Business, priced at $13.65 per month and billed annually. This pricing edition offers a complete management and security solution with identity-based access and more advanced threat prevention tools.

Jamf Enterprise pricing

Jamf Enterprise is a plan suitable for businesses at scale and includes everything available on the Business plan, as well as enterprise-grade support and advanced features for complex Apple environments. Enterprise is priced depending on specific usage requirements, with prospective customers required to reach out to the company’s sales team for a quote. This more advanced tier requires either 25 users of 50 devices managed, with pricing based on user or device count.

So, if you’re seeking the most advanced edition of Jamf to meet your enterprise-level device management requirements, you may be considering contacting the Jamf team for a quote.

However, entering into a sales discussion without any frame of reference on what you should expect to pay can make it challenging to get a good deal. And even if you’re inquiring about a plan with a publicly listed price point, the pricing page notes that device minimums, cloud, and support costs may apply.

As a result, the final price that you’ll pay for Jamf could be substantially different from the price you had in mind from looking online.

So, the question is, how else can you find out what you should expect to pay for Jamf?

How much do other companies pay for Jamf?

If you’re looking for deeper pricing insights but aren’t yet ready to reach out to the sales team, your second option is to search online for examples of what other companies are paying for their Jamf subscription.

As an example, one user on this Reddit thread claims to pay ~$90,000 per year to manage 3,500 devices, costing $2.14 per device, per month.

Jamf Pricing

In contrast, a commenter on another thread says they got in contact with Jamf about a Jamf Pro subscription and were quoted $80 per device per year for 3,000 devices — totaling $240,000 per year. They also note that there is a $6,000 mandatory onboarding fee to be paid, subject to change with the amount of support required.

Jamf Enterprise Pricing

While this approach to finding out the cost of Jamf is certainly useful for providing a ballpark estimation of what you might pay, the figures are clearly conflicting, even with a similar number of devices. Plus, with so many different products and ways to purchase a Jamf license, the kinds of contracts discussed may not even be applicable to your organization.

So, is there another reliable way to source Jamf pricing information?

Yes — through Vertice. With access to exclusive vendor pricing intel, we can tell you exactly how much companies like yours are paying for their subscriptions, meaning you’ll be able to determine whether you’ve been offered a good deal or need to negotiate for a better one.

Can you get a Jamf discount?

From years of SaaS negotiation experience, we’ve learned that software prices, even when publicly listed, are rarely set in stone. In fact, we’ve seen that IT security companies typically offer discounts of around 26% off the listed price.

Which means that if you accept the first price that you are quoted, you could end up overpaying on your subscription by an average of 26% – often significantly more.

While this is reflective of the general discounting trends across the industry and not specific to Jamf, our data does also indicate that Jamf has a medium discount possibility, with companies often paying substantially different amounts for the same subscription.

Here’s the thing though – as with any SaaS tool, the best discounts tend to be reserved for those with the best leverage.

Question is, what is this leverage? And how can you obtain it?

In short, with a solid software negotiation strategy.

Software negotiation strategies

Commit to a longer subscription period

Jamf subscriptions are billed annually for more advanced business plans such as Jamf Business and Jamf Enterprise. So, if you’re looking to purchase or renew your contract for one of these pricing editions, committing to a longer subscription period may prompt the vendor to offer a discounted recurring fee.

In fact, our data tells us that SaaS providers will generally offer an extra 5% discount for each extra year that an organization signs on for. If you’re sure that Jamf will play an integral role in your security stack for the foreseeable future, inquiring about a multi-year subscription could therefore yield large savings for your company.

Use a negotiation mediator

Many companies choose to use a third-party mediator to help facilitate negotiations, especially for larger software contracts. This is known as shuttle diplomacy. While not exclusive to SaaS purchasing, mediation can be especially useful when purchasing SaaS as it creates a sense of impartiality between you and the vendor when making requests.

Experienced negotiators, for example, will understand when to push for favorable contract terms like bulk discounting and when not to. So, if you’re an organization with a large device count to manage, shuttle diplomacy could be a wise investment — and ultimately, will help both you and your vendor reach an agreement you’re happy with.

Purchasing a Jamf license? Leverage pricing benchmarks with Vertice

The most powerful kind of leverage is intel on what other companies like yours are paying for their Jamf subscription. As we’ve discussed though, list prices can be misleading and online anecdotes are only useful for providing an approximation of what you should expect to pay. To negotiate most effectively with a vendor, you need to leverage reliable, up-to-date pricing benchmarks. And that’s where Vertice comes in.

Vertice has access to the pricing and discounting data from over 16,000 worldwide SaaS vendors — Jamf included — that we use when negotiating on your behalf. When you work with Vertice as your procurement partner, our experienced SaaS buyers handle negotiations from start to finish, ensuring you get the best possible price on your purchase or renewal.

See for yourself much you could be saving by requesting an audit. Alternatively, browse our vendor database for exclusive pricing and discounting insights.

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