A complete list of applicant tracking systems

What are they and how much do they cost?

Anna Markowska | JAN 23, 2023

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Any recruiter that has ever used an applicant tracking system (ATS) will know that it is a must-have for managing high volume recruitment. In fact, these ATS tools are completely revolutionizing the way companies find and hire talent. Not only do they help to speed up the hiring process, but they also improve both efficiencies and cost savings.

As with any software purchase though, there are certain factors you should be considering when it comes to choosing the best ATS for your business. While this certainly includes its functionality, scalability, ease of use and its ability to integrate with other systems, perhaps the biggest consideration is its price.

The problem is, with 55% of SaaS vendors choosing to obscure their costs, lack of pricing transparency is making it incredibly difficult for prospective buyers to effectively compare providers and decide on the best fit. At least without entering into numerous sales conversations.

So, what are your options when it comes to choosing the right applicant tracking system? What does each one cost? And how can you go about obtaining this pricing information if it’s not publicly available on the website?

Let’s find out.

A list of applicant tracking systems to consider

1. BambooHR

Amongst its broader HR offering, BambooHR also offers an applicant tracking system, allowing recruiters to quickly find and hire the best possible talent.

It is worth noting, however, that this feature is only available on BambooHR’s Advantage plan, making it an ideal option if you’re looking for a more comprehensive HR solution.

As with many applicant tracking software providers, BambooHR doesn’t make its pricing publicly available, however you can get an idea of its pricing parity and discounting possibilities here.

2. Breezy

Breezy is one of the few applicant tracking solutions that offers a free, albeit limited version, making it a great choice for smaller businesses getting started with ATS. Should you, however, want access to its more advanced functionality, there are three additional pricing plans to choose from — Startup costing $143 per month when paid annually, Growth costing $249 per month and Business costing $399.

3. Bullhorn

As a powerful ATS that offers a variety of features and customization options to help you get the most out of your recruitment process, Bullhorn is certainly one you should be considering.

While there are several articles and forums alluding to its price, Bullhorn is one of the many SaaS vendors that has chosen not to make its pricing publicly available on its site. To gain this insight, you will need to obtain a quote directly from its pricing page.


Unlike some of the other applicant tracking systems, CEIPAL ATS operates a per-user pricing model that will cost you $24 per user, per month, based on a five-user minimum. While this plan provides you with access to features such as unlimited resume parsing, recruitment lifecycle automation and plug-ins to integrations, it does offer further features that can be added on for an additional cost, such as AI-based candidate ranking, candidate auto-sourcing and text recruiting.

5. Greenhouse

Another company providing recruiting software as a service is Greenhouse. In fact, as a provider dedicated entirely to ATS, Greenhouse caters for businesses of all sizes, with a product offering that extends beyond basic ATS needs, providing users with a comprehensive and intuitive platform that includes automated CV scanning and AI-driven candidate sourcing capabilities.

While pricing for Greenhouse isn’t available online, with the company stating that it’s dependent on your hiring needs, there are three plans available — Essential, Advanced and Expert.

You can also gain insight into Greenhouse’s pricing and discounting data here.

6. Hireology

Hireology is another recruitment platform providing organizations with the tools and technology to more easily find, hire and onboard talent.

Although its costs haven’t been made publicly available, it is clear from Hireology’s pricing page that there are three plans — Essentials, Professional and All-In-One — each of which include applicant tracking.

7. JazzHR

Used by more than 2,000 organizations worldwide and boasting a 95% customer satisfaction rate, there’s no denying that JazzHR is one of the more popular HR software providers on the market.

But while the platform provides a range of features, if you’re specifically looking for ATS, then it’s worth pointing out that this feature is only available on its Plus and Pro tiers, which are priced at $239 and $359 per month respectively.

8. JobDiva

JobDiva is another excellent ATS solution that provides a comprehensive set of recruitment and talent management tools. In fact, it offers deep candidate search tools, advanced analytics capabilities, customizable workflows, and integrations with third-party systems such as social media accounts and job boards.

As with many other providers, its pricing isn’t publicly available on its website and you will need to request a quote to find out the cost of JobDiva.

9. Lever

When it comes to its in-depth data analytics, Lever might just be one of the industry leaders. However, it’s not the only way it stands out as an ATS solution. In fact, it is the only provider to offer companies of all sizes a complete application tracking system, as well as a robust CRM platform in a single solution.

But how much does Lever cost?

While pricing isn’t easily accessible from its website, as with many other ATS tools it indicates that additional functionality can be added onto either its standard LeverTRM plan or its Enterprise-level plan.

You can, however, get an idea of Lever’s willingness to discount and pricing insights here.

10. Monday

Despite not being a dedicated applicant tracking system, Monday.com does provide an applicant tracker template, allowing you to easily track and automate inbound applications. So, if you’re already using Monday.com as your project collaboration system and not quite ready for a more sophisticated ATS solution, then this could be a great option.

11. Paycom

Paycom is another provider similar to BambooHR and Zoho that offers not only applicant tracking functionality, but also a suite of other HR and payroll solutions.

Despite it not providing pricing on its website, you can view some of our own pricing and discounting insights for Paycom here.

12. Paylocity

Paylocity might be better known for its comprehensive suite of payroll services, but it also provides a competitive ATS solution as well, allowing you to customize job applications, reach more candidates, eliminate bias from the hiring process, communicate more effectively with applicants and configure custom workflows to automate processes.

While the cost of Paylocity isn’t made available on its pricing page, you can get a sense of the company’s pricing and discounting insights here.

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13. Recruitee

With several features that help it stand out from other applicant tracking systems, including its unique Smart March feature that uses AI to match job applicants to relevant job openings in your database, Recruitee is certainly an ATS tool worth researching.

When it comes to the cost of Recruitee, prices start from $224 per month when paid annually for its basic Launch plan, and $399 per month for its Scale plan.

14. Rippling

If you are looking for more than just an applicant tracking system, Rippling is worthy of consideration. It’s not just a stand alone ATS solution, but a comprehensive all-in-one HR and IT platform designed to help organizations keep their people, processes, and technology connected.

While its pricing page indicates that prices start from $8 a month, per user, it is not apparent whether or not this includes applicant tracking.

15. SmartRecruiters

If you are looking for a high volume applicant tracking system, SmartRecruiters is a tool worth considering. In fact, it is one of the larger ATS providers on the market, alongside the likes of Workable, Bullhorn and BambooHR.

While SmartRecruiters doesn’t detail its costs online, its pricing page does indicate that users can purchase add-ons such as its CRM, messaging, distribution and AI offering, on top of its core product, SmartRecruit.

16. Workable

Workable stands out from other applicant tracking systems thanks to its intuitive user interface, advanced search capabilities and automated workflows.

Question is, how much does it cost?

Fortunately, Workable is incredibly transparent with its pricing, with costs starting from $129 per month for its Paygo plan — which is a great pay as you go solution for occasional hiring — $299 per month for its standard plan and $599 per month for its Premier plan. Prices do, however, depend on your number of employees and whether you opt to pay monthly or annually.

There are also additional hiring tools that can be added on to any plan, such as video interviews starting from $99 per month when billed annually, texting starting from $79 per month and assessments costing upwards of $59 per month.

17. Zoho Recruit

With Zoho offering functionality for almost every business need, it comes as no surprise that it also provides a solution for applicant tracking — Zoho Recruit.

When it comes to the price of Zoho Recruit, it will depend on whether you’re a corporate HR professional or from a staffing agency. Regardless of your industry, there is a free version that allows for one active job and provides features such as free job board posting, candidate management, email management and interview scheduling.

If, however, you’re looking for additional functionality, prices for Zoho Recruit start from £20 per recruiter, per month when billed annually for a Standard plan, increasing up to £60 per recruiter, per month for the Enterprise plan for recruitment agencies.

How to secure the best possible price on your applicant tracking system

High-quality ATS systems of today make recruitment a breeze. In fact, with the right tool, you can unlock the full potential of your organization’s hiring process, helping ensure you’re attracting and recruiting the best possible candidate for any role.

But with pricing transparency very much an issue in this sector, finding the right tool can be a challenge. After all, with no frame of reference on what other companies are paying for many of these applicant tracking systems, it can be hard to know if you’re getting a good deal.

So, what’s the solution?

In short, insight. Something that we can provide you with here at Vertice.

Using our intel and pricing benchmarks, we can specifically negotiate you the very best price and contract terms on your behalf, not only saving you a substantial amount of money, but also a significant amount of time. Why not see for yourself how much you could be saving with this free cost savings analysis tool, or alternatively read more about how Vertice’s price benchmarking works.

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