Snyk pricing: How much of a discount can I get?

How to get the best possible deal on a Snyk subscription

Aimee Manning | JUN 22, 2023

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Not only is security platform Snyk trusted by industry giants such as Google, Intuit, and Salesforce, but the unparalleled insights it provides developers with has earned it recognition on lists such as the Forbes Cloud 100 and CNBC Disruptor 50.

So, if you’re searching for a new developer security platform for your organization, Snyk could be just the ticket. The question is, how much does it cost? And how can you secure a discount?

Here’s everything you need to know about Snyk pricing.

How much does Snyk cost?

While SaaS vendors are often notorious for their lack of pricing transparency, Snyk is among the minority choosing to publicly list its pricing online. With the exception of its enterprise-level plan, that is.

But despite making the research process undeniably easier for prospective customers, enabling them to compare vendors without having to engage in multiple sales conversations, it’s worth noting that these prices aren’t necessarily set in stone.

In other words, there is almost always the opportunity to negotiate a discount.

Before we look at just how much of a discount you stand to save though, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the pricing plans on offer, so that you can head into discussions with a clear understanding of exactly what you need.

Snyk pricing tiers

There are three different Snyk pricing tiers available, each suited to different usage needs across the four core services of Open Source, Code, IaC, and Container. Each package offers a set price for each contributing developer, which Snyk defines as a developer that has made a contribution to a private repository monitored by Snyk in the last 90 days.

So, what are these plans? And how much do they cost?

Snyk Pricing Plans


Snyk’s free plan provides unlimited contributing developers with a taste of the functionality offered by a paid plan. Users can implement a limited number of monthly tests across each of the key features offered by Snyk.


The standard paid plan Snyk offers is Team, suitable for organizations requiring up to 25 contributing developer seats. Prices for unlimited Open Source testing start at $23 per month per contributing developer when billed annually, or $25 when billed monthly. From here, the Snyk cost per seat increases incrementally with each additional feature that users add to their plan.

Prices for all four features increase up to $79 per contributing developer per month when billed annually, or $87 when billed monthly, Users can tailor their plan based on which of the services they want to purchase unlimited testing for and which to opt out of.

Snyk Cloud pricing

Snyk also offers Snyk Cloud, a developer security platform used to discover vulnerabilities in cloud infrastructure. Snyk Cloud can be added to Enterprise subscriptions for an additional cost, priced by billable resource. Customers will need to contact the Snyk sales team for pricing insight.


For organizations with more than 25 contributing developers, the company recommends a custom Enterprise plan, which is priced according to a quote-based model. Users can selectively opt in or out of unlimited tests for the four core services that Snyk offers in addition to Snyk Cloud.

If you anticipate that you’ll need a larger seat count, you’ll probably be inclined to opt for the Enterprise plan. But with a notable lack of pricing information available through the vendor’s listing page, you may well be wondering how else can you find out the cost of Snyk Enterprise without needing to enter into a sales conversation.

For many popular SaaS vendors, you can gain an estimation of pricing by scouring the web for information about what other companies similar to your own pay. This can help you to ascertain whether your budget will stretch to an enterprise-level plan, or whether you’re getting a good deal once you’ve been quoted a price from the vendor.

The challenge, however, is that these searches don’t always yield concrete figures.

Snyk pricing

As an example, this thread on PeerSpot asked Snyk users to provide details of their subscription pricing. What users responded with, however, was fairly non-specific. Some accounts claimed Snyk is priced cheaper than its competitors, while others argued that it was more expensive – but not one person provided any exact numbers.

This further illustrates the issue of pricing transparency in SaaS. As a prospective customer, you’re effectively back at square one. Which begs the question – how can you procure the best deal for your organization without any frame of reference on what other companies are paying for their subscription?

In short, by talking to Vertice and leveraging our exclusive vendor pricing and discounting data. But we’ll come to that shortly.

How to get a discount on Snyk pricing

When pricing data isn’t publicly available, it can be challenging to know whether you’re being quoted a fair price, let alone the best possible price. And this has real consequences — companies tend to overpay on their SaaS by an average of 26%, not just on Snyk, but all of the applications in their stack.

According to our data, Snyk has a medium pricing parity score of 59, which means that companies of similar profiles are paying significantly different amounts for their subscriptions. This means that with the right leverage, you could almost certainly be securing a lower cost.

In fact, our data further indicates that companies in the same space as Snyk tend to offer average discounts in the region of 26% – the same as the overall SaaS average. This is just an average though, with many companies obtaining far greater savings.

But to procure the best-value contract for your business, you’ll need to know which strategies to implement during software negotiations. Here are our top recommendations:

Commit to a longer subscription period

As we’ve discussed, Snyk offers discounted rates to subscribers that opt for an annual plan billed once a year rather than monthly. So, if you’re certain that Snyk is the right developer security platform for your business, it might be worth committing to a longer subscription.

Alternatively, you may even want to explore the option of a multi-year subscription for greater savings. We’ve found that SaaS vendors typically increase the discount they provide by an additional 5% for each extra year of commitment.

So, if you’re confident that you’ll be using Snyk well into the foreseeable future, choosing the longer subscription could yield lower recurring fees and significant cost savings.

Leverage pricing benchmarks

Even companies with similar needs are paying different rates for a subscription. So, by learning more about the pricing structures offered to organizations like yours, you’ll gain an advantage in negotiating a competitive rate for your business.

This data can provide you with an understanding of how the price you’re quoted aligns with prevailing market rates, and encourage the vendor to match any discount that they’ve offered to your peers. However, as we’ve learned, it can be difficult to find online — which is why you’ll need Vertice.

Allow Vertice to negotiate on your behalf

Vertice has access to the pricing and discounting data from over 15,000 SaaS vendors worldwide. Combining this pricing intel with our years of industry expertise enables us to negotiate the best possible deals for our clients, not only for Snyk but for all SaaS solutions.

Purchasing or renewing any software application is not only a costly process, but it’s also an incredibly time-intensive one too, which is another advantage of letting us negotiate on your behalf. What’s more, by working with a SaaS procurement partner, you can ensure that both you and the provider walk away with a deal you’re both happy with.

Why not see for yourself how much you could be saving on your annual SaaS spend, or alternatively search through our vendor database for more exclusive pricing insights.

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