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Why Vertice

The platform built for finance leaders to optimize their SaaS + Cloud spend.

Get granular visibility into your spend, and advanced forecasting. Control your SaaS and cloud usage with intelligent workflows. Save up to 20-30% annually. Guaranteed. All under one roof.

Annual savings

Simple, transparent, guaranteed savings.

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Average ROI

Estimate how much money and time your business could save.

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90 days
Typical payback period

Learn how it takes less than 3 months to see a financial return.

Customer Stories
SaaS Purchasing

Make SaaS simpler and cheaper

Monitoring and managing all your SaaS renewals is an ongoing headache for companies of all sizes — whether you have a dedicated procurement team or not.

We handle every step of the renewal process, or new software purchase, freeing your team to focus on your core business.

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Cloud Cost Optimization

Shrink your cloud costs

We provide granular visibility into your cloud spend and unrivaled insights with 75+ optimization tests that monitor your cloud and deliver automated savings recommendations.

RIO, our reserved instance (RI) optimizer automates buying and selling of RIs on your behalf using advanced demand forecasting and can save you up to 60% of your compute spend.

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Our Unified Platform

All your SaaS and cloud spend
in one place

View your SaaS and cloud spend side by side and get the insights you need to drive savings across your organization.

Leverage unique SaaS and cloud synergies to get better deals and maximize your cloud commitments.

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Your SaaS and cloud optimization platform

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Pricing data intelligence

Backed by exclusive data on thousands of SaaS and cloud optimizations

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Leverage for your team

We help finance teams drive better results with higher efficiency, letting you focus on other priorities

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Visibility into your full stack

A 360° view of your SaaS tools and your cloud infrastructure, in one central location

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Streamlined approvals

A quick and painless process that ensures legal compliance every step of the way

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Extensive integrations

Vertice integrates with all major ERP finance, contract management systems, ticketing and SSO providers

How it works


Getting to know your
SaaS and cloud spaces

We’ll sort your entire stack and cloud into one simple dashboard, giving you easy access to all your contract details, renewal dates and usage.


Make your selections

Get insights on usage, licenses, commitments, contracts, credits, bundling and more. Decide which contracts you’d like us to renew or purchase for you, and which cloud optimizations to action.


Leave it with us

Leveraging our data on thousands of transactions, we’ll negotiate on your behalf to get the best pricing. We keep you in the loop throughout each step of the process, and get your explicit approval before a deal is finalized.

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Ready to save 20% or more on SaaS and Cloud?

Businesses spend over $150 billion annually on SaaS, across more than 15,000 software vendors. The odds are that you’re overpaying by as much as 20% per year for SaaS.

On top of that, buying, renewing, negotiating and managing your company’s SaaS stack are all major headaches.

We’re here to fix that.

Vendor Insights

Get the best price on any SaaS contract

View our pricing ratings to see how vendors match up against their peers in pricing simplicity, transparency, parity and discounting.

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