Yotpo pricing: How much it costs & your options for a discount

What can you realistically expect to pay?

Leon Brown | DEC 05, 2023

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Trusted by more than 30,000 eCommerce customers worldwide, including both Patagonia and Everlast, Yotpo is certainly worthy of consideration if you’re on the lookout for a new retention marketing platform.

As with any new software purchase though, price will likely be an influential factor.

So, how much does it cost?

While Yotpo is pretty transparent with its pricing for its Growth and Prime plans, the same can’t be said for its Premium and Enterprise tiers, leaving potential buyers in the dark about what they can expect to pay.

Below, we’ve not only sought to uncover the expected price points for these plan types, but we’ve also shed a light on the steps you should be taking to secure the best possible discount – something that’s becoming all the more important as prices continue to soar.

Here’s everything you need to know about Yotpo pricing.

How much does Yotpo cost?

Before we dive into your options for securing a Yotpo discount, it’s worth taking a closer look at Yotpo’s pricing model.

While the platform does offer freemium pricing, with free iterations of its core products available to users with limited requirements, it’s worth noting that its paid plans start from $9 per month. The exact price, however, will depend on which Yotpo product you are looking for – Reviews, SMS & Email, Loyalty & Referrals, Subscriptions of Visual UGC – along with your monthly order volumes and other variables.

Yotpo pricing

While the exact breakdown of cost for each of these product types can be found on Yotpo’s pricing page, it’s worth being aware that custom pricing is available for users either wanting to combine multiple products into a single subscription, or those requiring enterprise-level plans across each of the different product offerings.

But how much can you realistically expect to pay?

How much will an Enterprise plan cost you?

Enterprise is the most advanced pricing edition available and provides access to the complete functionality from within the specific product.

For Reviews, this includes project management, a customer success manager and priority access to professional services. For SMS & Email, it includes a dedicated SMS strategist, volume & commitment-based discounts, and custom analytics & reports.

As is usually the case with enterprise-grade plans, the exact cost is dependent on business needs. But while this is to some extent understandable, it does illustrate the issue of pricing transparency in SaaS, making it challenging to know whether the price you’ll be quoted is a fair deal, let alone the best deal.

So, if your organization has scaled retention marketing needs, is there another way to gain insights into Yotpo pricing before diving into discussions with the sales team?

Search online for pricing insights

One technique is to scour the internet for examples of what other companies are paying for their Yotpo Enterprise – or bundled – subscription. While the exact price you’ll pay will depend on your usage requirements, this information can provide a ballpark estimate of enterprise-level Yotpo pricing.

One user on this Reddit thread, for example, claims to be paying $20-30k per year for a bundle that includes Reviews, UGC, and Loyalty & Referrals, for 2,000-4,000 orders per month.

Yotpo enterprise pricing example

Another user on a different Reddit thread corroborated the six-figure Yotpo outlay, claiming to spend $12,000 per year for a contract. Evidently, though, the amount that your business will pay varies massively with individual usage requirements.

Yotpo enterprise pricing example

It can’t be ignored, however, that both of these insights are several years old, and are likely to reflect legacy pricing — especially with SaaS prices increasing by an average of 12% each year.

So, what can we take away from these claims?

Effectively, it’s that the price you’ll pay for a Yotpo subscription will vary significantly according to your usage requirements and service bundle. The issue with this approach to sourcing pricing information is that while it may provide a useful benchmark, the data you find is often outdated and contradictory.

So, is there a more reliable means of finding out what you might pay for Yotpo?

Yes, there is — you’ll need to talk to Vertice. But we’ll get onto that shortly.

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Can you get a discount on Yotpo pricing?

The difference between how much any two businesses will pay for a similar subscription often comes down to the discount they’re able to secure. As we’ve mentioned, software prices are rarely set in stone, but you’ll need a solid negotiation strategy if you’re going to secure favorable savings.

Fortunately, our data on Yotpo shows that the vendor has a medium discount possibility, indicating that buyers have had some success in negotiating a discount for their purchase or renewal.

Exactly how much of a discount you can expect to get on your Yotpo quote will ultimately come down to your negotiation tactics. Here are some of the top strategies you can use.

Propose a longer subscription period

Software vendors will often provide favorable terms or discounted pricing in return for a longer subscription period of a year or more. Naturally, you should only go down this route if you’re confident that the tool will still provide business value in the future, but if this is the case, signing up for a longer subscription term can yield software savings across your entire stack.

In fact, our data shows that vendors tend to offer an extra 5% discount for each additional year that a buyer signs up to. So, if Yotpo is set to become a mainstay in your stack, inquiring about a longer subscription could provide long-term value.

Our data shows that vendors tend to offer an extra 5% discount for each additional year that a buyer signs up to

Leverage pricing benchmarks

The most effective form of leverage is intel into what organizations similar to your own pay for their subscriptions. When armed with this information, you’re better equipped to negotiate a competitive rate for your business.

This is because pricing benchmarks provide insight into how your quoted price compares to the going rate, as well as any discounts that your peers have been offered. With this data in hand, you can confidently determine whether you’re getting a good deal or you need to inquire about better terms.

But as we’ve seen online, reliable pricing insights are hard to come by.

So, where can you find accurate, up-to-date benchmarks to leverage?

Cut your SaaS costs with Vertice

With access to the transactional data for over 16,000 software vendors worldwide, Yotpo included, our experienced team of SaaS purchasers can secure you the best possible terms and pricing on any SaaS contract.

In fact, by negotiating on your behalf, we also save you the time and burden of having to deal with back and forth discussions with vendors, helping to streamline your SaaS procurement process.

That’s not all we do though.

Through our platform, you can gain visibility of license utilization across your organization, keep track of your renewal deadlines and ultimately identify invaluable cost-saving opportunities that exist within your SaaS stack.

See for yourself how much you could be saving on your annual software spend, or alternatively browse our extensive vendor database for exclusive pricing intel.

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