Vertice now available on the AWS Marketplace

We're making it easier for AWS users to save on SaaS

Adejoke Adekunle | JUN 28, 2023

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To support our goal of streamlining the SaaS purchasing process, we’ve now made it easier for organizations using AWS to sign up to the platform directly through the AWS marketplace.

As billing and payments will be handled by AWS, with the charges appearing on the AWS bill, this is a great option for those wanting to partner with Vertice and benefit from the substantial time and cost-savings that we can deliver, without having to allocate additional spend to yet another tool – you can instead use your AWS credits.

“We are excited to collaborate with AWS and help more businesses optimize their SaaS spend. At a time where cost efficiency is a priority, we are doing everything possible to make it easier for finance leaders to streamline, control, and gain visibility into their software usage and spend.“

– Eldar Tuvey, CEO | Vertice
Vertice AWS marketplace

The benefits of purchasing directly from the AWS marketplace


  • Maximize your spend commitments: Fully utilize your Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) commitments by purchasing Vertice with your AWS credits.
  • Streamline procurement: No need for a separate procurement process to benefit from Vertice. Use a billing method, and buy within a transaction environment you are already familiar with.
  • Gain faster access to Vertice: Skip the back and forth on invoices and approvals.

What is Vertice and why are companies partnering with us?

As a SaaS purchasing platform, Vertice provides an out-of-the-box procurement solution for finance and procurement leaders wanting to streamline the process of buying, renewing, and managing software.

Harnessing transactional data from more than 16,000 global SaaS vendors, we can unlock savings on both first time purchases and renewals. We also provide best-in-class technology to help you manage and rightsize all your contracts, discover all applications used across your organization, and streamline your compliance and security processes.

Vertice AWS marketplace

Since inception, we’ve helped customers in more than 96 countries buy, renew, and manage SaaS with ease. Some of the reasons why customers love Vertice include:

  • Our efficient onboarding process: From the get go, we align tools and people around your business objectives to ensure you start getting your money’s worth in no time.
  • Dedicated purchasing managers: Your dedicated purchasing manager will work closely with you to fully understand your business and requirements, using this knowledge to secure you the best possible terms on any contract.
  • Transparent savings: We don’t count savings until we achieve them for you, and when we do, we show you exactly how we actualized them.
  • Our agnostic relationship with vendors: We always leverage pricing and contract benchmarks to keep software vendors accountable. We don’t maintain exclusive partnerships with these vendors, which ensures we’re consistently bringing you into deals at the best price and on your preferred terms. You can learn more about how we balance vendor relationships with our customers needs here.

How to access Vertice on the AWS marketplace

The Vertice platform is made available to customers through private offers. To purchase Vertice via the AWS marketplace, simply select “Purchase Options” on the listing page and click Private Offers then follow the prompt. A private offer – when accepted – will show up on your AWS bill as a line item like any other marketplace product. You will then be up and running within 48 hours of purchase.

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