Security & Compliance

Simplify, speed up and secure your
contracting process with external vendors


Real-time compliance, swifter reviews and rapid contracting

Diligence Insights


Take the legwork out of SaaS contracts and make the process of purchasing and renewing software much less arduous.
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Vertice sifts through your contracts to help you rapidly identify the parts that matter, while also comparing them to industry benchmarks – informing your software negotiations.

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CIOs can access pre-filled security questionnaires and a litany of other resources for thousands of different vendors, while further having the ability to request and expedite customized responses.

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A rich archive of materials for every major SaaS vendor, signposting your team to the right documentation, from privacy policies to GDPR


Don't go chasing order forms

Get access to a detailed database of information that streamlines your negotiations.

Identify auto-renewal clauses you should be wary of, as well as information on notice periods and usage limits, while seeing how many other companies have excluded specific terms from their contracts.

In addition to this, instantly access pre-filled security questionnaires for any new vendor and forward it on to your IT department.


Purchase software with the absolute minimum resource

While it’s necessary for IT teams to conduct extensive security evaluations before purchasing new software applications, and for legal teams to review the terms and conditions of any contract, these steps can undeniably lengthen the procurement process.

By collating critical security and compliance resources, and extracting key contract terms for quick review, Vertice expedites the SaaS purchasing process, saving your organization a huge amount of time.


Streamline compliance vetting for any given vendor

With Vertice’s Diligence Insights, you can quickly identify which certifications a SaaS provider has, including their compliance with frameworks such as GDPR, ISO 27001 or SOC2.

You can also easily access each vendor’s privacy policies and system uptime information, saving your IT team a huge amount of time and energy tracking down numerous different documents in order to assess compliance.

See how much you could save with Vertice

Use our calculator to estimate how much time and money your business could save on SaaS by using Vertice.

Number of employees
Number of applications
$181,481cost savings
466hours saved
Annual Cloud Spend
Number of Cloud Engineers
$11cost savings
2hours saved
$181,492cost savings
468hours saved

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