Upgrade your SaaS visibility and cost-efficiency

the market’s alternative to Tropic

  • Negotiating SaaS contracts with vendors and customers in 98 countries around the world
  • Every one of your negotiations handled by the same highly-experienced buyer
  • Clear pricing with no surprises – and guaranteed savings

Total visibility of your SaaS spend and usage, with a team of buyers to right-size every contract for the best possible prices


Why finance leaders at unicorns, enterprises and scale-ups choose Vertice over any alternatives

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A+ service

Have a 1-1 relationship with your dedicated, local, highly-experienced buyer, who knows you, your market and suppliers inside out.

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‘No surprises’ fees

We charge a flat fee – with no hidden extras – and money-back guarantees on savings.

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Global benchmarking

Benefit from global data of 1000s of customers’ pricing with 16k+ vendors, showing exactly how much less you should pay.

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100% independent

Vertice has no commercial relationships with any vendors – so our savings are not restricted to pre-agreed discounts.

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Total contract visibility

Clearly see every SaaS tool in use, their renewal dates, critical terms, and how well-utilized they are (or aren’t…).

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SaaS AND Cloud

Vertice is the only supplier who can replicate the visibility and cost efficiency achieved with SaaS in your cloud environment too.

What the experts say

Lionfish Tech Advisors has created the only independent, third-party report into the SaaS procurement and management space, and the only one that compares Vertice directly to Tropic and the other key players – and Vertice comes out #1

“Vertice ranks highest in customer satisfaction, outcomes achieved and product functionality / usability, and has the fastest market velocity of any player in the industry.”

Lionfish Tech Advisors Report for Evaluating SaaS Procurement and Management Platforms 2023


Spend under management


Average savings

90 days

Typical payback period

Savings you never knew were possible

SaaS and cloud spend ramping up faster than your business can manage?
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