Forecasting & Budgeting

Get a clear forecast of your cloud spend


Now both finance and technology leaders can get the visibility they need to scale efficiently.

The easy way to ensure predictable cloud bills


Costs can often be bumpy, but without transparency it is almost impossible to know what your spend will be next month, let alone next year.
We give you the tools you need to reliably forecast your spend.
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Dashboards & alerts

Everything you could ever need to know about your cloud spend in one place, including AI-powered anomaly detection to alert you to unexpected shifts.

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Predictive analytics

Granular drill-down into current and historic cost drivers, breaking down your spend in countless ways to build an accurate forecast for the future.

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Contracting intelligence

Our expert team knows cloud contracting inside out, taking advantage of EDP strategy, pricing intelligence and a variety of other negotiation techniques to stabilize your spend.

Dashboards & alerts

A detailed diagnosis of your cloud health

Almost every finance leader wants to tackle surging cloud costs, but the number one cited challenge to doing so is visibility.

Vertice’s dashboards solve this issue with elegant views of your cloud environment, presented in a way that’s simple to segment, inspect and understand. Get continuous monitoring of your cloud health and stay on top of any new events with instant anomaly alerting – the smart, proactive approach to discovering unexpected costs.

See all your potential savings in a single pane of glass designed for both finance and technology leaders.

Predictive analytics

Insightful data that lets you see into the future

Getting a bill rarely tells you the full story, and the big numbers that come with cloud growth can create headaches for the modern CFO and CTO.

With Vertice, you are able to scrutinize your spend like never before. Dive deep into the factors driving your historical spend, breaking down the dollars by product, usage, category or purchase options. Having access to this kind of intelligence also makes it much easier to surface idle or underutilized resources – something Vertice helps identify for you.

There are thousands of data points at your disposal, powering advanced, accurate forecasts for all your upcoming cloud costs.

Contracting intelligence

Make the best possible decision, every single time

Cloud purchasing can be incredibly complex, with securing a good deal much more intricate that simply negotiating on price.

The buying experts at Vertice help you with your EDP commitments, your reserved instances, your AWS credits and even the terms of your contracts. Get access to reams of benchmarking data and battle-tested guidance on every cloud purchasing decision you make.

The Vertice team will support your cloud spend strategy through its in-depth knowledge of everything cloud, giving you the leanest, most efficient cloud commercials.

The CFO's guide to managing cloud costs for 2024

Cloud spend is the number one cost-cutting priority for financial leaders in the coming 12 months. To better understand the trends, challenges and opportunities of cloud spend, Vertice commissioned a research study surveying 600 finance and technology leaders.

Check out our groundbreaking research for insights into how your business can get cloud costs under control.

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