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Take advantage of sophisticated tooling that makes it incredibly simple to streamline your infrastructure

One third of all cloud spend goes to waste


The complexity of cloud infrastructure and organic growth over time leads to numerous inefficiencies.
Our technology is built to help you rapidly change that.
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Automation & Testing

Get access to a huge array of automatic tools that scrutinize your environment and provide recommendations on how to optimize it.

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Reserved Instance Optimizer

Clever algorithms that are engineered to buy and sell Reserved Instances on your behalf, continuously monitoring your usage.

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EDP Contracting

The Vertice purchasing team are intimately familiar with negotiation, contract terms and ensuring you get the best possible value.

Automation & Testing

Identify the pathway to efficiency in a heartbeat

Cloud environments can be complicated and difficult to interpret without an expert on hand to support.

Vertice provides you with more than 75 unique tests to scan and analyze your infrastructure. This automated, simple process generates a list of recommendations that make it easy to start taking action, each with detailed suggestions and quantifiable savings estimates.

These optimization tests include coverage across more than 40 products, such as EC2, Lambda, S3 and RDS and create recommended tasks that are actionable, automated and require minimal engineering effort.

Reserved Instance Optimizer

Cut your compute spend by up to 60%

Reserved Instances are a way to secure billings discounts on your cloud usage, but come with a long list of terms and conditions to take maximum advantage of.

Vertice harnesses the power of advanced algorithms to buy and sell RIs for you, streamlining the process and eliminating the manual work of examining your status. Instead, Vertice provides continuous monitoring of your usage trends and will automatically uncover new RI purchase recommendations.

The Reserved Instance Optimizer is the ideal blend of powerful and low-touch, granting you granular control of your RI inventory, coverage and utilization in one place.

EDP contracting

The expert’s touch on all your contracts

AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) and other cloud contracting initiatives can benefit both the cloud provider and the customer, but navigating them takes knowledge and time.

The Vertice purchasing team has a deep expertise with cloud commerce, helping you with everything from key contract terms to how to get the most of your available credits. This includes continuous monitoring of your EDP commitments and benchmarking your contracts with thousands of others.

Let our expert buyers handle your EDP and squeeze yet more savings on your cloud spend.

Ready to cut your cloud spend by up to 25%?

Over $1 million is wasted each year by the average organization. This no longer has to be the case.

Your cloud costs don’t need to be sky high. Discover the new industry standard for cost-effective cloud management.