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Cloud Spend Optimization: A Complete Guide

If your organization is struggling with rising and uncontrolled cloud costs, this is for you 👇

With cloud costs set to grow by a further 24% in 2024, cloud efficiency is top of the agenda for finance and tech leaders. To control spend, you need a formidable plan.

You need a laser-focus on the ROI of your cloud investments. And you need the visibility to monitor and optimize spend.

In this multi-part guide, we reveal the secrets of cloud cost optimization success and offer you a workable framework to implement a strategy that really works.

What’s inside?

With this guide, you’ll discover:
  • Proven methods for boosting collaboration between finance and engineering
  • How to get visibility of your cloud spending
  • How to pinpoint cost optimization opportunities
  • The most effective steps you can take to make your cloud spend more commercially sustainable
  • How to use new technologies to maximize ROI
Cloud Webinar

Cloud cost optimization is broken - here’s how to fix it

If anyone can help you get a handle on AWS spend, it’s Mark Zaytsev from Amazon Web ServicesHe has partnered with 100s of finance and technology leaders at organizations big and small to make their AWS spend more commercially sustainable. 

Mark is teaming up with Josh Wigmore, VP of Product at Vertice, to reveal the cloud spend strategies that the shrewdest organizations are relying on to control costs without hampering growth and innovation. 

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