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Guidance for reducing the cost of a Sentry subscription

Leon Brown | MAY 30, 2023

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With more than 85,000 customers and a recent funding round securing it $90 million, application health platform, Sentry, is certainly a tool worth considering if you’re on the search for a new DevOps system.

But as with any new purchase, soaring SaaS prices will likely be playing on your mind. After all, with the cost of software continuing to rise at a rate that far outpaces general market inflation, finance leaders need to do more with less. Which ultimately raises the question of not only how much Sentry is going to cost you, but whether or not you can secure a discount.

With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about Sentry pricing.

How much does Sentry cost?

While Sentry does offer a free plan for developers requiring basic error monitoring functionality, its paid plans start from $26 per month.

Unlike the majority of SaaS companies, Sentry is pretty upfront about its pricing, up until its enterprise-level plan that is, with prospects required to reach out to the sales team for a tailored quote.

So, how much does each plan type cost?

Sentry Pricing

Sentry pricing model

Sentry pricing packages are each listed alongside a ‘starting’ fee based on a default event quota. When users exceed their allocated quota, any further events are processed on-demand but subject to surcharges over pre-paid events.

Quotas extend to monthly errors and attachments for error monitoring, monthly performance units for performance monitoring, and monthly replays for session replay.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s offered by each pricing tier.


The Sentry Developer plan offers limited error and performance monitoring and is available for free, suitable for personal use.


The standard paid subscription Sentry offers is the Team plan, starting at $26 per month when billed annually or $29 monthly. Team provides core error monitoring with flexible event volume for unlimited members.


Sentry’s Business plan starts at $80 per month with annual billing or $89 on a monthly subscription. This tier offers all of Team’s functionality in addition to advanced analytics, custom dashboards, and a deeper feature set catering to development companies.

Codecov pricing

Sentry also offers its code coverage service, known as Codecov, as an optional add-on to Team and Business plans. Like the standard Sentry product, Codecov with basic functionality is free for one developer, or costs $29 per month for the first five seats of Codecov Pro.

Sentry Enterprise pricing

While this is the norm for SaaS tools — especially those with pricing based on predetermined quotas – this model still poses a challenge for buyers looking to gain insight into Sentry pricing without engaging in a conversation with the sales team.

So, is there another way to get a sense of what you can expect to pay?

Yes, by obtaining intel into what other companies are paying for Sentry Enterprise – or any tier for that matter, given that prices are rarely set in stone.

How to find out what other companies are paying for Sentry

Pricing intel may well shed a light on what you can expect to pay, but how exactly can you obtain this information?

Well, your first option is to conduct a simple search online.

Sentry Enterprise Pricing

One article on Crozdesk lists the cost of a ‘large’ Sentry subscription at $499 per month, boasting a feature set similar to other descriptions of the Enterprise plan. However, it is worth noting that this package isn’t listed verbatim as an ‘Enterprise’ subscription and may describe a legacy pricing system that Sentry has previously used.

Here’s the thing though – while this figure might provide a ballpark estimation of Sentry Enterprise pricing, it should be taken with a pinch of salt.


Because the information provided on review sites can very quickly become outdated and inaccurate.

So, is there another way to see what other companies are paying for their Sentry subscription?

In short, yes: by leverage Vertice’s database of pricing benchmarks. But we’ll get to that shortly.

Can I get a discount on Sentry pricing?

Even when SaaS vendors list their pricing online, these prices are rarely set in stone. In fact, our data tells us that businesses tend to pay an average of 26% more for SaaS than they need to – not just for Sentry, but for all tools within their SaaS stacks.

Businesses tend to pay an average of 26% more for SaaS than they need to.

So, the question is, how can you secure a discounted price? And just how flexible is Sentry with its pricing?

According to our data, Sentry has a relatively low pricing parity rating of 52 out of 100, indicating that companies with similar profiles are paying significantly different amounts for their plans. This suggests that with the right software negotiation strategy, you could secure a favorable Sentry discount. Let’s take a look at some of the tactics that could help.

How to reduce the cost of your plan

Commit to a longer subscription term

We know firsthand that vendors tend to offer additional discounts to customers that commit to longer subscription periods. For example, Sentry discounts the recurring fee to Team and Business users who opt for annual billing over monthly. What’s more, our data suggests that vendors offer an average of an additional 5% discount for each extra year that subscribers commit to.

So, if you expect Sentry to be a long-term fixture in your DevOps stack, it might be worthwhile committing to an annual or even a multi-year contract for extra savings.

Leverage price benchmarking data

As we’ve discussed, the most effective tool in negotiations is intel into what companies similar to yours are paying. When you leverage this data, vendors are more likely to match any discounted or flexible contract terms that have been offered to your peers.

But it can be challenging to find this information independently — and even then, it could be unreliable or outdated.

So, what’s your best course of action?

Obtain the most reliable price benchmarking data with Vertice.

Secure the best possible price on your Sentry plan

With access to the pricing and discounting data from over 13,000 global SaaS vendors, our team of expert SaaS purchasers can leverage real-time pricing intel to secure you the very best deal on your software contracts – including, but certainly not limited to, Sentry.

Vertice will specifically act as an intermediary between your organization and the software vendor to facilitate productive negotiations. This way, both you and the supplier can walk away with a deal that you’re satisfied with, taking the time and stress out of SaaS procurement.

Learn more about the benefits of working with a procurement partner here, or see for yourself how much you could save on your annual software spend with a free cost savings audit.

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