LogicMonitor pricing: How much does it cost?

What you can expect to pay for a LogicMonitor subscription

Aimee Manning | MAY 15, 2023

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Supporting an A-list client roster from Netflix to Cloudflare, LogicMonitor helps organizations of all sizes manage their IT infrastructure. In our rapidly expanding digital world, uptime is everything — and the platform’s bespoke cloud solutions have earned it the accolade of being the number-one-rated Enterprise, Cloud and Network Monitoring tool on G2 in terms of customer satisfaction.

So, if you’re looking to add the platform to your SaaS stack, you’ll certainly be in good company. The question is, how much will it cost you?

Let’s take a closer look at LogicMonitor pricing and find out how much of a discount you could expect to save.

How much does LogicMonitor cost?

Like many SaaS vendors, LogicMonitor opts not to publish its pricing information. In fact, it is among only 7% of DevOps solutions providers that follow this model. However, when it comes to finding out how much you’ll pay, there are still several ways that you can source the information you need.

Firstly, you can request the information directly from the vendor. The LogicMonitor pricing page asks prospective users to get in touch so that the sales team can directly provide a quote for their specific infrastructure needs.

Given that the website lists two main pricing plans for LogicMonitor, it is, however, worth familiarizing yourself with each one before reaching out for a quote. Here’s what you need to know about LogicMonitor’s packages:

LogicMonitor pricing tiers

LogicMonitor Pricing

LogicMonitor Pro

The standard subscription on offer is LogicMonitor Pro, offering full access to the monitoring platform and a broad feature set including log analysis and customizable dashboards. The Pro tier supports monitoring for up to 199 devices.

LogicMonitor Enterprise

For monitoring 200 or more devices, the recommended plan is LogicMonitor Enterprise. This tier of subscription offers everything from Pro, as well as advanced features such as AIOps Early Warning and up to two years of data retention.

While the obvious next step is to obtain a quote, heading into a sales conversation without any frame of reference on pricing will leave you ill-equipped to leverage the best possible deal for your company.

So, what are your other options for finding out LogicMonitor’s cost?

Searching the web

When vendor pricing isn’t publicly available, another way to find out what you might pay is to scour the web in search of intel on what other companies pay for their subscription.

Let’s take a quick look at some examples that we can find online.

LogicMonitor Pricing

In a Managed Service Providers Reddit thread, one user reports that their price per monitored device stands at just below $5, we can assume per month. They continue that when they started with LogicMonitor, they had around 750 devices to track — which would demand a gross monthly cost of $3,750.

However, it’s worth noting that this comment was posted six years prior to the time of writing — and considering how SaaS prices have exponentially risen since then, we should take these figures with a pinch of salt.

LogicMonitor Pricing

Elsewhere, a PeerSpot user on this thread claims to be signed up for the enterprise-level plan and pay $7.75 per device, per month, with a commitment of 350 devices. This puts this user’s base monthly spend at ~$2,713.

So, what can we learn from these claims?

In short, it’s that searching online can provide a useful estimate of what you should expect to pay for your subscription, but any insights you gain should not be taken as gospel.

This is because the data or quotes used could be outdated, and different sources tend to provide varying accounts of their base price. In fact, our own data indicates that LogicMonitor has a low parity rating when it comes to its pricing, suggesting that there are inconsistencies between what different customers of similar profiles are paying.

It’s also worth noting that a number of the features offered by LogicMonitor require users to commit to a predetermined quota, including Spans, Metrics, and Synthetics. As a result, it can be challenging to determine the actual price that your company will pay based on the amount that your peers spend each month.

So, is there any other way to get accurate pricing information without requesting a quote?

Yes, there is: by talking to Vertice and benefiting from our extensive database of pricing benchmarks. But we’ll get to that shortly.

Is it possible to get a discount on LogicMonitor?

We know firsthand that SaaS prices are rarely set in stone. The truth is, businesses tend to overpay on their software by an average of 26% — not just for LogicMonitor, but for all applications within their portfolio.

According to our data, LogicMonitor not only has a low pricing parity score, but it also has a medium discount possibility. This means that with the right negotiation strategy, you stand to secure a lower cost than what you may initially be quoted.

So, how can you ensure this is the case?

Let’s take a look at some vital software negotiation strategies that could help.

Consider a longer subscription term

If you’ve anticipated that LogicMonitor will be a fixture in your software stack for the foreseeable future, it might be worthwhile committing to an annual, or even a multi-year contract.

Our data indicates that vendors tend to offer an additional 5% discount on your fee for each extra year that you commit to. For example, if the typical discount provided for a year’s contract is 20%, a two-year agreement could earn you 25% off, and so on.

Gain leverage with pricing benchmarks

As we’ve learned, the companies that make up LogicMonitor’s vast customer base pay different amounts for their subscription, even if they have similar needs. But by obtaining information about what organizations similar to your own are paying, you’ll be in a better position to negotiate a competitive rate for your business.

Let Vertice negotiate on your behalf

Whether you’re looking to subscribe for the first time, or renew your existing contract, there are often huge savings to be had. Without the right pricing intel, however, your efforts will be limited.

At Vertice, we not only have access to the pricing and discounting data for more than 13,000 software providers worldwide – LogicMonitor included – but we can use this data on your behalf to secure you the best possible price and terms on your contract, while saving you a substantial amount of time.

What’s more, our SaaS management platform ensures that you can track all of your contracts from one convenient dashboard, giving you much-needed visibility of your ever-growing software stack.

See for yourself how much Vertice could help you save with a free SaaS savings analysis, or alternatively search through our vendor database for exclusive pricing insights for thousands of global software providers.

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