ClickFunnels pricing: How to negotiate a discount

How to gain the leverage you need for maximum cost-savings and favorable contract terms

Aimee Manning | MAR 21, 2023

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Not only has ClickFunnels seen tremendous success in recent years, it is in fact one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in North America, which — combined with its stellar 4.7 star rating on G2 — is a testament to the value it delivers to its users.

As with all good things in life though, the popular marketing platform comes at a cost.

The question is, how much of a cost?

In this article, we’ll not only shine a light on ClickFunnels’ pricing model, but we’ll also look at the ways you can drive down the cost of your subscription. After all, as SaaS costs continue to rise, you’ll want to do everything in your power to minimize this spend.

So, what exactly are your options for negotiating a ClickFunnels discount?

Is it possible to get a discount on ClickFunnels pricing?

Software prices are rarely set in stone, and with sufficient insight and a solid negotiation strategy, it’s certainly possible to get a ClickFunnels discount.

Our data tells us that ClickFunnels has an average pricing parity score of 62, suggesting that while there is some consistency between customer pricing, the amount that similar companies pay for their subscriptions is not entirely consistent.

Which means that there is an opportunity to negotiate not only a better price, but also more favorable contract terms.

As with any SaaS contract negotiation though, you’ll be better equipped if you go into discussions with a clear idea of ClickFunnels pricing model. In other words, what the company wants you to pay.

Let’s take a look at the pricing plans that are offered, catering for different levels of functionality and site traffic expectations.

ClickFunnels pricing for 2023

ClickFunnels Pricing

Basic Plan Pricing

While the price of ClickFunnels’ basic plan starts from $127 per month, this is subject to you committing to an annual plan. If, however, you’re looking for more flexibility, you can expect to pay $147 when billed monthly.

Pro Plan Pricing

For access to more features and a higher bandwidth, ClickFunnels Pro plan will cost you either $197 on a monthly plan, or $157 per month when billed annually.

Funnel Hacker Pricing

ClickFunnels’ enterprise-level plan, Funnel Hacker, features the most advanced analytics and toolset, with a price tag of $208 per month on an annual plan or $297 per month on a more flexible contract.

How to save on a ClickFunnels subscription

ClickFunnels is more transparent than the majority of SaaS vendors when it comes to its list pricing, but just how much wiggle room is there for securing a discount?

In short, potentially a fair bit.

According to our data, marketing platforms in general tend to be quite generous when it comes to lowering their pricing, with an average discount of 32%. When we consider the fact that ClickFunnels has a degree of inconsistency in pricing across its user base and a medium discount possibility, it’s almost certain that with the right approach, you can reduce the cost of your subscription.

But what exactly is the right approach?

Securing a ClickFunnels discount through negotiation

Ultimately, to obtain a cheaper price not only on ClickFunnels, but any SaaS contract, you’ll need to be negotiating with leverage. Here’s what our internal experts suggest:

Sign up for a longer subscription term

As with many SaaS vendors, ClickFunnels is already pretty clear on the discount you can secure by signing up to an annual plan. What many companies aren’t aware of, however, is that software providers are generally open to offering greater discounts in exchange for a longer-term contract.

According to our own data, vendors will typically increase the discount provided by an extra 5% for each additional year a user commits to.

So, if you’re confident that you’ll still be using the tool in the coming years, a multi-year subscription could translate into lower recurring fees and larger savings.

Allow enough time for negotiations

With many SaaS companies requiring anywhere up to 90 days notice to terminate or renew a contract, you need to be securing the leverage you need way ahead of time to ensure maximum cost-savings and favorable terms.

This applies whether you’re looking to renew your ClickFunnels subscription — keep in mind that on average, companies are overpaying for software by 20-30% — or you’re considering the platform as a first time user and want to cancel an existing tool to avoid feature overlap and therefore wasted spend.

Leaving it too late can ultimately weaken your buying power, which is why you need to be effectively managing your software licenses so that you have total visibility.

Use a third-party negotiator

Having the assistance of an experienced mediator can make software negotiations more efficient – an approach known as shuttle diplomacy.

Ultimately, using a third party to relay any queries and proposals between your business and the vendor can create a sense of impartiality and facilitate more upfront discussions, reducing the burden of presenting your desired terms and trying to reach a fair conclusion.

These intermediaries are usually experienced industry negotiators who know the tricks of the trade to smoothly push through a deal that both parties are happy with.

Utilize pricing benchmarks

Insight into competitor price points can provide you with the leverage needed to secure a cheaper fee. For example, you might find that a similar feature package is offered by a ClickFunnels competitor, and propose that they match this price.

However, you can also go one step further. The best type of leverage is intel into what other companies are paying for the software you’re trying to procure — allowing you to enter discussions armed with information about the competitive prices that have been quoted to your peers.

But how do you find these all-important pricing benchmarks?

In short, by talking to Vertice.

How Vertice can help you secure the best ClickFunnels pricing

If you’re looking to optimize your software spending, we can help.

Vertice has access to the pricing and transactional data from over 13,000 worldwide SaaS vendors for use in negotiations, with crucial insight into what other companies similar to yours are paying for their contracts.

Not only do we have the data you need to gain leverage, but we can also negotiate the contracts for you. Our team of industry experts have seen the software purchasing process from either side of the deal and are equipped to procure best-in-class deals for companies of all sizes.

See how much you can save for yourself by using our free cost savings analysis tool today.

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