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Sarah Monette | APR 19, 2023

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Leading events experience platform, Bizzabo, has earned itself a 4.5-star rating on Capterra, drawing praise for its ease of use and no-code feature set. But while the company has long been focused on streamlining the most tedious parts of event organization, it’s also recently embedded AI into its ecosystem, introducing functionality such as automatic meeting scheduling and smart event recommendations.

A move that’s come at the right time, given the surge in demand for AI capabilities.

In our SaaS purchasing insights for April, we found that the share of spending for software of this kind increased by 500% since the start of 2023. Back in January, just one in 10 companies were utilizing AI systems — but in a few short months, this figure has grown to one in three.

So, with AI already proving a game changer for many organizations, you may well be considering adding Bizzabo to your tech stack. Question is, how much should you expect to pay?

Let’s take a look at Bizzabo’s pricing and how you could secure a discount on your subscription.

How much does Bizzabo cost?

Bizzabo is among the 55% of SaaS vendors that does not publicly list its pricing information. While this lack of pricing transparency can complicate the procurement process, making it difficult to shortlist potential vendors based on your company’s budget and needs, there are still ways that you can find out how much Bizzabo costs.

Inquiring with the sales team

Your first option is to request a quote directly from the vendor, letting the Bizzabo team know your usage requirements.

You should, however, bear in mind that this process will effectively enter your company into the vendor’s sales pipeline. While this can be useful for gaining insight into the package details on offer, it makes it challenging to strategically negotiate the best pricing and contract terms.


Because you’ll be entering into discussions without any prior intel on what companies like yours are paying for their subscriptions. As a result, you’ll have no frame of reference on whether you’re getting a good deal, or being charged significantly more than the going market rate — which could lead to overspending on your SaaS.

So, what other options do you have?

Researching web insights

When vendor pricing information isn’t publicly available, scouring the web for pricing information can help to shed some light on what other companies are actually paying.

Let’s look at what’s out there for Bizzabo.

Bizzabo pricing

One source, Capterra, puts Bizzabo’s starting cost at $15,000 per year.

Bizzabo pricing

TrustRadius also agrees with this price estimation, further stipulating that fees are usage-based and variable with business needs.

However, on the same thread, one review notes that Bizzabo “worked with [them] on cost” because they are a small non-profit organization. This suggests that depending on the size and nature of your business, Bizzabo may vary the price that you are quoted.

So, while looking online can provide you with an estimation of what you should expect to pay for a SaaS subscription, this information should be taken with a pinch of salt.


Because the data or quotes being used could be outdated, and different sources tend to provide contradictory information.

The truth is, the starting price you see online is likely to be on the lower end of the price scale. Your actual cost will be based on the individual needs of your company — your usage rates, plan features — and the success of your negotiation strategy.

So, is there another way to obtain accurate pricing information without contacting the sales team?

In short, yes: with Vertice’s pricing benchmarks. But we’ll get to that shortly.

Is it possible to get a discount on Bizzabo pricing?

It’s almost always possible to secure a discount on any SaaS contract when you approach negotiations equipped with the right leverage.

According to Vertice’s data, Bizzabo has a relatively good pricing parity score of 68 out of 100. This suggests that there’s a fair amount of consistency between the price points offered to similar companies — but it’s by no means a perfect score. As a result, there is still some variation between what clients with similar needs will end up paying for their subscriptions — the price is not set in stone.

So, what can you do to secure a Bizzabo discount?

You’ll need to negotiate the price with your vendor.

Here are the top software negotiation strategies that we recommend.

Allow ample lead time

One common pitfall in software negotiations is leaving talks until the last possible moment. If you know when you’ll need to purchase or renew your Bizzabo subscription, for example in time for a large conference that your organization is hosting, you’ll want to start the negotiations process well ahead of this deadline.

If you fail to leave enough time for product and vendor research, you could find yourself unprepared to negotiate favorable contract terms. What’s more, if the vendor knows that you’re looking for a fast turnaround, they might offer less flexible terms, recognizing that you need a quick, smooth deal to be made.

Leverage pricing benchmarks

We know that Bizzabo obscures its pricing information, and is used by an extensive client list with different usage requirements — so it’s fair to assume that not every company pays the same price for their subscription. By gaining insight into what organizations with similar needs to your own pay, you will be better equipped to negotiate a competitive rate for your business.

This data will provide a clear understanding of how any quote you receive stacks up against the average price point, and any discounts your peers have been offered.

This way, you can judge whether you think you’re getting a good deal, and leverage pricing data for a more competitive rate.

Use Vertice as your third-party negotiator

Vertice can negotiate on your behalf to secure the best possible price and contract terms for your business. As we mentioned earlier, we have an extensive database of over 13,000 vendor pricing benchmarks at our disposal to leverage during the negotiation process, for Bizzabo and any other SaaS solutions in your inventory.

Our expert team of negotiators draw on this unique data and their years of experience to negotiate high-value deals that take the stress out of your software procurement.

See for yourself how much you can save with our free cost savings analysis tool. Alternatively, search through our vendor database to access exclusive pricing and discounting insights, not only for Bizzabo, but for any SaaS application you’re looking to buy or renew.

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