Amplitude pricing: How much it costs & how to negotiate a discount

Guidance on getting the best deal on your Amplitude subscription

Leon Brown | JAN 31, 2023

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If you’re in the market for a new digital analytics system to overhaul your business strategy, Amplitude could be the SaaS solution for you.

Originally conceived as an analytics tool to help its founders understand user behavior, Amplitude offers market-leading product analytics software to help illuminate consumer behavior, forecast business outcomes, and adapt products to optimize customer experience.

Through its range of unique business solutions, Amplitude has enabled businesses to increase conversions by 46%, and boasts an impressive average return on investment of 655%.

But as with any new piece of software, you’ll no doubt be wondering how much it’s going to cost. You’ll also probably be wondering whether it’s possible to get a discount.

Well, let’s find out.

How much does Amplitude cost?

When it comes to finding out the cost of an Amplitude subscription, there are several ways you can obtain this information, the first of which being to request a quote directly from the company itself.

Even though Amplitude does not publicly list its pricing information, it does provide a detailed breakdown of the different subscription tiers available, so we’d recommend familiarizing yourself with these before requesting a tailored quote. After all, if you’re a small team with basic requirements, you may even find that the free version suffices.

Amplitude pricing tiers

Amplitude Analytics pricing tiers

1. Starter

Amplitude’s free Starter plan is intended for startups and small teams that are only just starting out with product analytics. As free SaaS plans go, it’s pretty generous, providing teams with unlimited access to its core analytics charts and data planning tools.

2. Growth

Companies that are undergoing significant growth and looking to bolster their product analytics are encouraged to use Amplitude’s standard paid plan. “Growth” includes all features from the “Starter” package, as well as advanced predictive analytics and collaboration tools, custom onboarding, custom event volume, and five monthly syncs to third-party destinations.

3. Enterprise

The full enterprise-level offering from Amplitude is recommended for multi-department teams that require deeper customer insights and data governance. As you would expect, the plan includes everything from the “Growth” tier, as well as detailed causal insights, monitoring options, and advanced user permissions.

But what are your other options when it comes to finding out the cost of Amplitude? In other words, how can you obtain pricing information without entering into a sales conversation?

Insight from the web

Another way to gain some degree of pricing intelligence is by scouring the web in search for insights into what other companies are paying.

But while this approach can give you a rough idea of what you could expect to pay, you should never take it as gospel.


Because it’s often outdated and unreliable. Take the following forum posts, for example.

One user writes that Amplitude’s cost is based largely on the usage — or rather, the amount of data you collect after 10 million data points per month. As a result, they advise that companies scaling above this figure should be prepared to pay a minimum of $2,000 per month.

Amplitude pricing

Another user, however, claims to spend just $900/month, with a heavy discount tagged on for a plan without an account manager. Alternatively, a second user in the same Capiche thread tells of a $90,000 yearly expenditure, averaging out at $7,500 per month.

Judging by these conflicting findings, it’s clear that Amplitude pricing can differ considerably based on company usage and package features — and looking online won’t give you the most practical insight into how much it will cost your business.

This is because the cost will be based on the individual needs of your company — your usage rates, plan features — and the success of your negotiation strategy.

So, what’s the solution for obtaining accurate pricing information, without requesting a quote?

In short, Vertice. More specifically, Vertice’s pricing benchmarks.

Is it possible to get an Amplitude discount?

With the right leverage and negotiation strategy, then almost certainly.

According to our data, Amplitude has a relatively average pricing parity score of 60, suggesting that while there is a reasonable amount of consistency in pricing between similar companies, it’s not perfect and there is still some level of disparity between what similar companies are paying.

Here’s the thing though. Negotiation strategies such as committing to a multi-year SaaS contract will only get you so far. To secure the best possible deal and contract terms you ultimately need to be leveraging Vertice’s data and allowing us to negotiate on your behalf.

This is because we not only have access to the pricing points and transactional data of more than 13,000 SaaS vendors worldwide, allowing us to find out exactly what other companies are paying for their SaaS tools, but our team of expert negotiators know the intricacies of the purchasing process from both sides of the deal, meaning we know what to look out for in SaaS agreements.

Whether you’re purchasing Amplitude for the first time or coming up for a renewal, why not see for yourself how much we could save you by using our free cost savings analysis tool.

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